clsh royale tips

Clash Royale Tips

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The makers of Clash of Clans recently released Clash Royale, which means only great news for users. With both new and familiar faces, Clash Royale is an exciting new take on the Clans strategy games we all love. As a strategy game, Clash Royale builds on itself and becomes more and more challenging as the game progresses. So when reaching a seemingly unbeatable level, it’s easy to get frustrated. Don’t get frustrated, get ahead! Check out these Clash royale tips to optimize your Clash Royale experience.

Clash Royale tips & Tactics

Any strategy game requires a thorough and well thought out plan of action. While many combat games require a focus on strength, Clash Royale requires a specific approach to ensure that you have the right deck assembled. Each card has its advantages and you must ensure that the cards are working together in harmony to help you play the best game you can play.

Gems are the best when it comes to wanting to upgrade your cards. But did you know that instead simply upgrading, you can save 500 gems and purchase a bucket of gold, allowing you to trade in the gold for 5 epic cards? Collect gems to add epic cards to a winning deck.One of the best Clash Royale tips, This Clash Royale tip is great to help you get winning cards.

Not only a game based on strategy, Clash Royale is also based on a social aspect. Being a multiplayer game, when you are going head to head with an opponent you must assess their level of expertise. Based on the fact that Clash Royale pairs you against someone who is roughly at your level, you will be paired up with tougher opponents each time you play. For this reason one of the top Clash Royale tips is to avoid long sessions and play in short spurts so that you do not play yourself into a losing streak.

clash royale tips

clash royale tips

Clash Royale Strategy Tips

Your card deck directly impacts the way that your game plays out. And sometimes you can’t help it – the cards that you have won’t always be perfect. So here’s a Clash Royale tip: when facing a less than optimal deck, remember that the card shop refreshes itself every 13 hours. If you are really desperate, you can set your phone’s clock to be 13 hours ahead and the game will recognize the time change, thus allowing you to access the card shop without the wait.  

In addition to taking care to assemble a great deck, don’t forget the elixir. By attacking your opponent’s cards that offer high elixir, your elixir will increase thus making the opponent’s defense incapable of defending against you. So focus on gaining your elixir to bolster your defense.

Go on the offensive wisely. Instead of rushing your attack and coming off with a strong offense, opt for a slower, more deliberate offense. Focusing on taking down a Rival Tower, keep your offense low and only once this tower is down, rev up your offense. Facing a weakened opponent, it will be easier to destroy the defenses he has put up.

Play it Bigger With Andy

As a mobile game, Clash Royale is designed to be played on your phone. But Clash Royale is a visual game and looks best when played on a full size screen. Just as Clash of Clans is a dynamic and fast paced game, Clash Royale is as well.

Mobile games are fun and convenient, but they have a bit of a downside. Here’s where Andy OS comes in. By allowing you to keep on playing on PC without the worry of a dying phone battery or a lack of space and memory. By playing Clash of Clans and Clash Royale on PC, you can have a faster, visual and more comfortable experience.

So download Andy today and start becoming a Clash Royale pro!




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