7 Reasons to Choose Andy over any other android emulator

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With plenty of android emulators currently on the market, Andy stands out amongst the rest. Check out the list below to see why we think this software is leading the way in connecting your android and PC.


 Since Andy’s software runs on a new version of android, it has the upper hand when it comes to stability. This means less lag, less crashing and a lot more time to enjoy the games you want to play and the apps you actually need.


 Operating exactly like an Android device means it’s easy to navigate around Andy. Since the environment is so similar to the one you’d get on an android phone or tablet, using Andy is intuitive and simple


-With Andy you can do almost anything would from your android device including browsing or uploading files from your computer, uploading photos directly to instagram, or even just browsing the internet. In fact the entire content library of the google play store is at your fingertips.

Live support

– Andy’s live support has been praised on various platforms and forums. And with good reason – their support team has proven knowledgeable and communicative. It’s always good to know that someone’s ‘got your back’.

 Make it your own

 Which android emulator other than Andy, allows you to change and customise specs to personalize your gaming or productivity experience? Having this option to create a unique personal environment makes using Andy a lot more fun – choose a design and aesthetic that matches your personality.

All-round ninja 

One of the features that make Andy so unique is the way in which it works seamlessly with a variety of apps – from games to social media or simple productivity apps. There are other android emulators on the market, but they are mostly aimed at gamers; rather off-putting if you’re looking to do something more productive than playing Angry Birds.

Side-load applications

 Most android emulators aren’t strong enough to allow you to easily download and run apps to watch your favourite movies, such as Showbox. With Andy, you can enjoy your favourite shows on a bigger, better screen with fewer distractions.


In short, Andy android emulator is giving its competitors a run for their money. It’s well rounded, and the fact that it supports a higher android version means it is ideal for application stability. It gets bonus points for having higher compatibility because of this too – you’re not limited to only playing games with this software.


In a nutshell,  Andy is a fully featured emulator which is perfect for customization and productivity (not to mention that in most cases, it also runs games better than any other android emulator!).


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