The Best Bluestacks Alternative

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You’ve spent months reaching the last level on the game you haven’t been able to put down. Your eyes are tired from staring at the small screen. There is a nagging red battery icon at the top of your vision field. And let’s not mention the amount of videos and apps you’ve had to delete just to make space for this one.

Enjoying your favourite app or game on your phone sometimes comes with a set of obstacles. Whether it’s plugging into a power supply after a couple of hours of gaming, or missing the fine details of an app due to the limitation of a small display screen, having the option to experience apps from your phone on a larger display is an attractive solution to this problem.

Android emulators such as Andy and Bluestacks allow you to enjoy all the tools, apps, and games from your android on a desktop screen. These operating systems essentially act as connectors between the world of PC and mobile experience. The advantage of being able to get the full experience of a game or app on your desktop without the constraints of a small device, means that these emulators are attracting hype. Whether it’s playing Candy Crush in full screen, or uploading high quality photos to your Instagram directly from your desktop – there is something for everyone.

Bluestacks – what are you used for?

With its targeted slogan of ‘Play Bigger’, and an array of game suggestions on the home page, Bluestacks is clearly marketed primarily at gamers. The setup and general use of this OS is simple. The emulator works on both Windows and Mac and provides users with a list of recommended games arranged by categories. You can even use your device (albeit plugged in) as a controller. Inevitably however, users may need this OS for functions other than gaming, and sadly, this is where Bluestacks struggles. There is an evident and noticeable lag when using productivity apps such as Google drive for example. Getting the same function as you would from your phone seemsout of reach for this OS as of yet

Mobile apps on PC

So What Is a Better Bluestacks Alternative?

If you are looking for a more comprehensive, all-round experience however, look no further than Andy. With their slogan, ‘your desktop mobile’, it is clear that this free android emulator is focused on overall experience, not just gaming. In fact Andy loves regular apps, and even offers suggestions and recommendations. These apps run smoothly and with no discernable lag. Unlike Bluestacks, Andy’s OS runs like an android device, giving the user the freedom to customise it by downloading third party launchers, or simply by personalising your wallpaper. Navigating and using the OS is therefore remarkably familiar and intuitive. This isn’t to say however, that you can’t use Andy for all of your gaming needs. As with Bluestacks, here too users can utilise their device as a game controller and immerse in a unique gaming experience.

Both Bluestacks and Andy have shaken the android emulator scene, each in their own unique way. Choosing the OS for you consequently, is dependent on what you will be using it for. The market is full of android emulators that will fulfil your basic gaming needs, but for a full, well-rounded experience, Andy is the way to go. Other than being better for customisation and productivity, in some cases, due to it’s running on a newer version of android it is more powerful even for gaming.


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