What Andy OS Means For Users Of Windows 10

Much has been said and written about Windows 10 and there is likely to be much more in the coming months. Beyond the feature and function changes promised, the biggest bet by far is that this new offering by Microsoft will draw developers back into the Windows fold, where they will once again populate the PC app store with world-class applications that consumers want to use. The notion of an app written for one device running across ALL variations of Windows devices can certainly be a draw to developers, but as with all things, only time will tell.

This post is for those of you who are going to upgrade to Windows 10 no matter what. You’re either a “Windows Insider” and getting a free upgrade now, you’re just about to buy new PC hardware simply because you need or want to, or you love all things MS & Windows and are going to pay $119-$199 to get a new license on your existing machine. I have good news for you: the general lack of interesting applications in the Windows store is not a problem if you’re running Andy OS.

Part of our core mission is to allow people to run a full featured mobile operating system on any kind of PC (Windows, Mac or Linux) and in doing so, run any kind of mobile app on said PC. This is particularly meaningful if you just bought new hardware, or just upgraded your native PC operating system, and want to take it out for a spin. I’ll venture a guess that you’re not going to get excited about running the latest version of Word or Excel, but would rather play your favorite racing game, or look at Instagram photos on your new, large screen.  This is certainly not to say that utility isn’t important in computing, it’s especially so for business users. But what really drives people to buy new hardware or software is the desire to be entertained or to experience something new.

Andy OS already runs on Windows versions back to Win 7, so this is to serve as a reminder to those of you who fall into one of the three aforementioned groups of likely Windows 10 users: don’t fret the lack of great app content, Andy OS will deliver it for you.  One important note, we are working through some bugs with Andy OS in relation to Windows 10, so if you experience any problems with Andy OS when you perform the Windows 10 upgrade, please visit our FB Support group and our guys will give you a hand: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AndySupport/



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