Andy Pro: Enterprise Mobile Solution For PC

When it comes to the evolution of mobile hardware and software, and how more and more of our daily computing is done on a mobile device, the perspective written for and talked about is generally that of a consumer.  We share music and photos in a different way than we used to, we communicate with friends and family in a different way than we used to, and so on. People can identify with this perspective because it’s about all the stuff we as humans share in common.

What gets written and talked about less, certainly at the mass media level, is the effect of this mobile hardware & software evolution on businesses.  It doesn’t resonate with as many people and is also less obvious (read: harder to articulate and understand).  Many of the same fundamental actions are present, i.e.) sharing content/information, but it all sounds, feels and acts with a higher degree of complexity.  And this complexity can be summed up in one phrase: barrier to change.

Consider the first time you used a mobile app to access your checking account.  Prior to this you went to a web site from your desktop or laptop PC.  To make the switch of hardware & software interface you simply installed a new app on your phone. And following this new phone/app access, you could still easily toggle back and forth between UIs depending on your daily preference or circumstances.  For a company, especially a large one, this type of transition is a far more difficult process with many moving parts.  Questions like, “How much legacy hardware is the company invested in?” or “How many customers and partners of company X have the hardware needed to run company X’s new mobile app?” and so on until some IT manager’s head explodes.  Beyond the emotional tax it puts on the IT department, there are issues of cost, morale, productivity and other things companies have to think about that individual consumers don’t.

To help solve for these business challenges Andy OS now offers Andy Pro, which enables businesses to run mission critical mobile applications and services on a PC.  There are a multitude of use cases for this that vary in flavor depending on the type of business, i.e.) the specific need of a commercial bank will be different than that of a large media company, yet the fundamental need and solution remain the same: the ability to run a mobile app (s) on a PC, as if native to the device.  If a company has a solution that can do this, that company will save time & money, and make their business process more efficient.

Whether for a mom & pop business or large corporation, Andy Pro can help companies meet and solve for this transitional PC to Mobile challenge. Check out the new Andy Pro/Enterprise section of the site to learn more:

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