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How does it feel to get stranded in the Western Frontier? If you want to know how to move about when your wagon has gave up on you, Get your horses ready and transform the uncivilized borders of the Westbound and make it prosper! Take the quest and go head-to-head with the Marshal versus the Outlaws. Discover ancient treasures made of gold as you journey through the place called El Dorado! Along the way, you will meet Norma Jean, the Union Soldier, the Sasquatch and the Yeti and have fun with their mischiefs! Download Westbound: Pioneer Adventure for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac so you’ll know what cryptozoology is all about.

Moonlight while the night is young

If you don’t know what the game is, Westbound: Pioneer Adventure is a fun voyage to the west with the farming mechanics that lets you wait for progress to take place. That means, you have to accomplish tasks like unearthing the land for more rocks and get tons of discoveries happen. Doing real work at the office while waiting for the latest thing to hit the Westbound can be enjoyed at your expansive desktop computer with Andy Android app emulator. That way, you can give your smartphone a real good break from all the tapping and tinkering when you want to segue between work and leisure. Download Westbound: Pioneer Adventure for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac and get to St. Louis, Denver and Chicago while on full duty. Who knows? There must a great romance awaiting somewhere.

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See things at different view

Be among the pioneer explorers of the Wild West and find out why these cowboys and cowgirls can’t get enough of the yodelling! The vivid high definition graphics are optimized in full effect when you upgrade your graphics card and sync the app to your desktop. It would be easier for you to seek for missing treasures and look after your horses, chums and farm ranch with the all-out features of a larger monitor. Other than that, running through the map gives you a much better perspective when your vision is not constrained at the tiny screens of your hand held gadgets. When you download Westbound: Pioneer Adventure for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac, your great expedition to the most undiscovered territories will be hassle-free!

The Pioneer

Discover endless entertainment and communication features at optimum level with Andy the Android app emulator! The seamless transfers of apps are made possible by Google cloud storage backup and the integrated software support for Windows 7/8, Apple Mac OSX and Android. Let the Google Play sync the updates automatically so you are spared from the tedious manual operations. Stay up to the minute with real time push notification alerts to remind you of the status of your games! With the other .EXE installation packages, Andy app emulator surpasses the standards for open operating software technology. It can run Open GL Hardware, ARM and X86 native apps among others. If you want to try it forself, follow the simple guideline provided below:

Step 1:  Download and install Andy. Make sure that the Virtualization is enables in the BIOS settings and also make sure that your PC has the latest video drivers installed. One can have a look at the handy guide on how to proceed here and also a Facebook support group in cases where more help is needed.

Step 2: Open Andy and complete the signup procedure and in case the user has a Google account, the same can be used.

Step 3: Open Google Play and search for Westbound: Pioneer Adventure and install it by following the instructions.

Step 4: Once installed, the Westbound: Pioneer Adventure application is ready to use and the user can now avail all the attractive features of this application from the PC.


Enjoy playing Westbound Pioneer on PC!!!!



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