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Viber: Connecting People Everywhere

In the midst of this consumer driven era, one app stands out from the rest of the crowd. Viber Media brings a state-of-the-art FREE communication technology for smartphone users worldwide. Viber ANDROID APP boasts of 500+million users enjoying the FREE VIDEO CALLS, SMS, and MULTIMEDIA MESSAGES in high definition quality. With just a Wi-Fi or 3G-enabled Android device, users can already start a group conversation of up to 200 users online. The media developer also offers an alternative package using the Viber Out credits to place calls to non-Viber clients at cheaper rates. Using this app is very easy as it integrates your own mobile number in the system and automatically searches your contact list to show who are already using the service.

Download Viber APK Android

Breaking the Barriers

Constant communication is essential whether for business or relationships so you’ll be in need of using an app like Viber one way or another. In between using the app for messaging and video/ calls, users can play games with the adorable Legcat and Violet Viber characters and earn FREE credits. Viber APK is also supported for desktop use and is now also available in several languages.

  • Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Tagalog
  • Slovak, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese (PT), Portuguese (BR)
  • Polish, Persian, Norwegian, Malay, Korean, Japanese
  • Italian, Indonesian, Hungarian, Hindi, Hebrew
  • Greek, German, French, Finnish, Dutch, Danish
  • Czech, Croatian, Chinese (TR), Chinese (SP), Catalan, Arabic

Multi-access Communications Tool

Messaging and calling your friends and family has never been so much FUN with Viber. Android Wear support also comes with the package so any information is carried over even onto your very hip smart watch! Native contact lists are also integrated whenever users download Viber APK using the same account from its mobile version. Receive notification alerts anywhere you are even if your Viber account is currently inactive/ turned off. Whether it’s a call or an instant message, Viber ensures you won’t miss out on the latest word.

The Cult of Following

The selfie-loving crowd will have a dose of social media as they can Follow public chats and see what’s happening within their real-time conversations. This can go as far as sharing MMS content where you can post comments and Likes all at the same time. Group Chats are easier to manage with your very own Viber ANDROID APP account. If you have created your specific group convo, you can similarly act as the administrator to edit necessary information while at the same time, delete participants showing inappropriate behaviour.

Viber Add-Ons

Most smartphone devices today are capable of taking high-quality pictures and videos. Video calls on Viber are likewise equipped with high definition to give users the best Video Call quality plus a lot more!

  • VIBER STICKERS- Check out some great novelties at the Sticker Market, as this is where you can download animated stickers and standard message stickers to make sending SMS a more delightful experience. You can also reorder and sort out to your favourites here
  • NEW WAY OF SHARING- Use Viber APK and share emoticons, stickers, location, voice message, video message and photos within your conversations
  • IMPRESSIVE QUALITY- Enjoy the FREE and amazing HD quality Video Calls and Phone calls anytime, anywhere with Viber

New Features

Download Viber APK and take advantage of the newly added features from the latest update. A new payment option now gives the users several ways to purchase Viber Out credits. Meanwhile, here are more of what’s new with Viber.

  • Public Chat – allows you to invite an entire group or follow conversations
  • Rich Link – lets users drop a link within a message and Viber will make a separate bubble containing the link
  • Video Calls are made even easier- initiate a video call straight from your recently called list or simply just by tapping on the contact profile
  • Contact Sharing- in message format, users can already exchange contact information either within a group or one-on-one conversations

Why use Viber?

Being part of an exclusive FREE chat application gives you an unparalleled chance to get closer to your audience. Viber is indeed catering to a wider range of user base than any other app. The public chat is a great avenue to explore your interests to new heights.

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