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Fruit Ninja Android APK is one of the oldest Android games which have won the hearts of millions of people worldwide. The APK comes with the perfect combination of different kinds of fruits which pop up on the screen. The main aim of this game is to check that how fast your reflexes work. Once you start playing this game, you will surely be addicted to its unique gameplay and fantastic concept. The latest version of this game comprises of a lot of changes to the original version. If you are thinking about playing this game, then you should be prepared to provide it a lot of time in order to become the best at it.

fruit ninja

How the game works?

The main concept of the game revolves around slicing as much fruits as you can. Fruits will fall from the top of the screen continuously. You aim will be to slice as many fruits as you can. In order to slide a fruit, you just need to slide your finger on the screen and your work will be done. The more fruits your slice, the greater score you will get. However, you do not need to slice every fruit individually; you can slice more than one fruit at the same time by sliding your finger across them. There are different modes from which you can select the one which you need to play with. Let’s explore the unique combination of features which Fruit Ninja brings along with it to provide us with a valuable experience.

Heart-winning graphics

The graphics used in this application can easily win the heart of any person. The amazing colors, fruits and their combinations provide a great visual impact which tend to blow the mind of people. The game is also small in size and could be installed in any device without lagging in between. These graphics make it possible for you to have a fun-filled and amazing gameplay. These heart-winning graphics have been a favorite of many people, especially kids, who love playing this game. However, it is simply amazing to see that how famous this APK is with people of all ages.

Crazy Bombs

A game without a lot of challenges is not really a good game. This is the reason why Fruit Ninja stresses on the significance of challenging you again and again. While playing Fruit Ninja Android APK, do not expect that only fruits will fall down from the top of your screen. Yes, bombs could also fall and result in a big blast! There are different kinds of bombs which might fall from the screen. Your aim is to make sure that you do not slice any of these bombs. Slicing these bombs will lead to a big blast and will end your game right away. As the levels progress, the speed of the game will become fast and it will be quite difficult for you to avoid the bombs. That is where your actual skills in this game will be tested. So are you ready to accept this challenge and show everyone that how amazing you are at slicing fruits?

Different game modes

In order to make this game more interesting, a number of modes have been added to it. Each mode comprises of a different mission. You should try out all of the modes to see which one of them intrigues you the most. Some of the modes include the following:

  • Timed mode, in which you will be given a fixed amount of time in order slice as many fruits as you can. This mode is best in the case where you want to test how many fruits you can slice in a fixed amount of time and how fast can you do it.
  • Free mode, in which you will be required to slice as many fruits as you can. However, in this mode you will only be given 3 lives. If you hit a bomb three times then your game will be over. You will need to make sure that you avoid as many bombs as you can while trying to slice the fruits.

This game surely seems to be quite interesting and intriguing. However, you will only get to know about how amazing it is after you install this APK and start playing it.

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