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UC Browser: For Breezy Surfing

Unlike most browsers we have today, UC Browser APK brings the most amazing browsing experience as it is packed with swell features you won’t find anywhere else. Aside from the streamlined and very sophisticated design, it can make surfing breezier than ever. The multiple floating tabs are easy to navigate and come back over. Customisation is also allowed to add personal touch your favourites. In spite of the several themes packed inside the app, you can still modify the browser according to your taste.

Here’s the Advantage

For well-organized multiple transmissions, download UC Browser APK to make use of the excellent Download Manager anywhere. Save data with the use of High-end compression technology on your Android device at relatively lower cost. UC Browser has videos for everyone, as there are a whole lot of videos to watch that streams in real-time. It could be anything from war movies, latest trailers, animé, girls, video clips and comedy. While in there, take advantage of the video gestures control to adjust the programme, contrast, volume and etc.

  • NIGHT SHIFT- Late night surfing can be an awesome time when you enable the Night Mode feature
  • SEAMLESS BROWSING- Autopager loads the following pages simultaneously so you can read without any interruption
  • ANONYMOUS SEARCH- Use the Incognito mode to browse anonymously. It hides your identity for security reasons

Download UC Browser APK Android

What’s New in the News?

In what sounds like good news for everybody, UCWeb Inc.’s UC Browser is compatible with the entire Android system environment even with the latest Android M to date. The Video Express Feature however is only available within Russia and India. This very awesome feature lets people view video streams with the handy widget found in the user interface. From there, a user can swiftly enable the Speed Mode without leaving the address bar. Indian residents will also get a hold of current event reports from the news websites along with UC Browser ANDROID APP latest update.

Award Winning

Apart from the impressive visuals, UC Browser APK comes with various patent technologies that bring fast Internet browsing experience unlike any other. That means, even if your connection is rather slow, it boosts the surfing performance with just a fraction of the cost. The fully supported add-ons within the app (e.g. Facebook) are made even faster than ever before. Multitasking is also supported here so it doesn’t slow down in case you have too many open tabs in the background.

  • Best Mobile Browser Award 2011
  • Best Android Browser Award 2012
  • (APAC) Frost & Sullivan Best Practice Award 2013

For Better Browsing

The developers continue to satisfy the user’s expectations of what an ideal browser should be. Currently, UC Browser ANDROID APP improves its performance on a regular basis so it is best to watch out for the upcoming updates very soon. Discover more with some of its awesome offers including check network, data usage, full screen option, text only, save page, free disk, QR code and cloud download feature.

  • Cost effective
  • Fast speed and reliable
  • Excellent handling of downloads
  • Privacy and data safety

Building itself to quality

With a much powerful server, you can enjoy a more stable and quick loading.

Download UC Browser APK for an outstanding surfing experience onto your PC. From now on, break free from all the hassles of downloading videos online! Watch your favourite TV shows and movies using the speed mode and never have to wait any longer. Other than that, the AdBlockadapted applies to a vast majority of main desktop sites so you won’t get caught up with any unwanted ads while you surf and download.

Clutter-free experience

What makes it more user-compliant is that UCs design is very neat and minimal at the moment you start using it. It doesn’t have all the distracting elements commonly found on other browsers’ user interface. UC Browser leaves enough space to adjust your settings, browse, and add new tabs that loads at relatively faster speed. It is also clear that the foremost priority of having UC Browser APK installed is the convenience. All things considered, you don’t have to juggle from various devices when you can have it all in one place.

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