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Xender: For Sharing Files Between Phone and PC

Mac, Android and Windows users are now interconnecting to a point where they can already seamlessly share files with one another! Formerly known as Flash Transfer, Xender ANDROID APP is still the hottest app to use when it comes to file sharing and transfer between mobile and desktop devices. Xender seamlessly transfers anything from apps, videos, pictures, music and documents instantly. Other than connecting between Android tabs and smartphones, Xender also works in transitioning files between Android and iOS. With its state-of-the-art Connect PC Mode, you can finally share files between a Chromebook, Mac or Windows computer.

Why we use Xender?

In this world where we rely mostly on the Internet, oftentimes we connect via 4G, 3G or WI-FI for watching videos and downloading large amount of files. Using Xender APK is a cable-free and network-free alternative should you want to get away with separate software and Bluetooth connectivity just to perform a simple task of transferring data. In other words, Xender works by providing transmission within the application.

Download Xender APK Android

Here’s the power-packed advantage

If we can only describe Xender in one word, we can always say that it’s AMAZING. But that doesn’t best describe all the glorious details we found in the app so let us enumerate each one by one.

  • No Internet or USB required
  • Provides speed 50x faster than Bluetooth
  • No data connection needed
  • Seamless performance
  • Moves your apps, videos, music, pictures and files
  • Fast and reliable
  • Up to 4 devices shared within a group
  • Cross platform support
  • Multiple connection and sharing option anywhere
  • OFFLINE Mode Support
  • Available in several supported languages (Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Hindi, German, French, Chinese, Arabic and ENGLISH).

What’s latest with the app?

Download Xender APK and get a hold of the latest 3.0.0728 version to date. The SD card storage for Android 4.4 units is tweaked to link between PCs without the hassles. Hidden file settings are now fixed including several connection issues prior to update.

How to start using Xender

Xender APK is so easy to use. After downloading and installing it to your device, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Upon opening the app, you will come across a welcome screen wherein you need to set up a personal profile. This can be used with your own photo or any available avatar there is. Your name can be anything that your friends can easily identify for a hassle-free and safer file sharing. Once everything is set up, you can start transferring files to your friends who also have the same app installed.

  • Open Xender app on any device and make sure the other device you will share files with is also turned on
  • Click CONNECT FRIENDS and CREATE GROUP and start sharing
  • Browse over your device which media file, eBooks or document you wish to transfer
  • Data transfer is performed within Xender ANDROID APP

Using Xender for smartphone – smartphone advantage

Xender comes with a cross platform feature for both Android and iOS sharing. It can accommodate up to 4 devices when sharing as a group. Using this is relatively faster and more reliable than any app or Bluetooth used for connectivity. Lately it came up with a shake to share feature so it’s very hip and fun to use at the same time.

  • Scroll down and search for MORE
  • Choose SETTINGS
  • Look for SHAKE TO SEND
  • Choose the file to be transferred and SHAKE your device
  • The SLIDE feature also works on your handset for real time sharing

Using Xender for Smartphone – PC

Xender APK works in connecting your PC with a smartphone device. Connection is performed with the same contact listed therein and added on your Xender profile. The file sharing can be a variety of music, videos, photos and documents.

  • Wireless download to your PC-Phone and Phone-PC
  • Wireless upload between these devices

Setting the new standards in file transfer application

The verdict? Other apps have statements that are yet to be proven. With varying software environments that comes with each type of device, Xender APK proves to serve every need of the vast smartphone users. In terms of performance, Xender actually delivers more times faster than any other utility software that promises the same. Try it today!

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