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Comic book superheroes unite with Injustice: Gods Among Us! Create your set of epic villains and heroes as you gear up for the most legendary fight of your life! Enjoy this and more when you download Injustice Gods Among Us For PC Windows 7/8 or Mac. The streamlined technology of an Android emulator makes things all possible. Andy is the innovation behind the open OS protocol to let you have the freedom of playing from different computer devices. The latest updates lets you earn the latest gear or even the most wanted superheroes. Challenge the MKX Scorpion, Animated Batman Beyond and the Godfall Superman. This game is so amazing to take anywhere with you whether you hold the battle in Waynemanor, Themyscira, Hall of Justice, Fortress of Solitude, Atlantis or at the Metropolis!

Not a bird, not a plane

The awesome graphics in full HD optimized screens can be achieved with an updated graphics card. The sights and sounds of the DC superhero game app let you experience a whole new level of excitement of entering the battle arena! This card-collecting game lets you have the chance to get the most sought for DC icons in the world of comics. Make way for Doomsday, Green Lantern, Bane, Flash, Green Arrow, Joker, Wonder Woman, Batman and the great superhero, which is none other than Superman! What are you waiting for? Download Injustice Gods Among Us For PC Windows 7/8 or Mac and take the flight to superstardom! If you have no idea of the game, there is a tutorial feature that gives you the option for practice, advanced, universal, and special or the basic moves. This will hone your gen for fighting before exploring the hazardous battlegrounds online!

Injustice Gods Among Us For PC

 Incredible beings

The touch screen features on your smartphone can be integrated as a joystick controller when you install Andy app emulator to your PC Windows or Mac! These mighty moves can be discovered after you download Injustice Gods Among Us For PC Windows 7/8 or Mac. Andy is equipped with the same multi-touch support found on your touch screens. Outwit your opponents as you swipe, tap and execute those special attacks at the ease of your newfound joystick. With Google updates and push notifications running seamlessly, you will be the first to find out what’s going on in the Watchtower, Batcave and the Asylum. Andy’s fully Android UI, Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 support is a dedicated technology to break down all the barriers between incompatible device protocols. You will also have unlimited storage capabilities carried by Google cloud storage. What’s more to ask of these?

Superhero fanatics


An online battle on Multiplayer events lets you defy other real challengers who are engrossed with the hottest superhero clash in the gaming community. The globally charged leader board will make you want to go all the way up to the top! You can even review your past challenges to further enhance your team! A good communication service like Viber and Whatsapp will keep you posted on what’s happening. Staying in contact with your team will be trouble-free with Andy doing the job of synching your most useful mobile messaging apps right at your computer. Download Injustice Gods Among Us For PC Windows 7/8 or Mac and be in the know! Invite your Facebook pals to join in and unite with this one of a kind superhero spectacle.

 Laidback superhuman


Andy App emulator brings your passion for entertainment and communication in full blast. Take advantage of multi-tasking between your work, social life and leisure right at your Mac or Windows PC! There will be no reasons for you to not enjoy your favourite game as Andy is fully supported by OpenGL Hardware, ARM and x86 native apps. Plus, you don’t have to worry in case your phone gets lost as the cloud storage synchs everything within your devices. This is much better than any other Android emulators and .EXE packages as it lets you experience the same Android advantage from your highly innovated smartphones whether on Mac or PC protocols. 1Clicksync lets the transition of devices ready. What’s more, Andy is a free app that you can install with some very few simple steps:


Step 1:  Download and install Andy. Make sure that the Virtualization is enables in the BIOS settings and also make sure that your PC has the latest video drivers installed. One can have a look at the handy guide on how to proceed here and also a Facebook support group in cases where more help is needed.

Step 2: Open Andy and complete the signup procedure and in case the user has a Google account, the same can be used.

Step 3: Open Google Play and search for Injustice: Gods Among Us and install it by following the instructions.

Step 4: Once installed, the Injustice: Gods Among Us application is ready to use and the user can now avail all the attractive features of this application from the PC.

Enjoy playing Injustice Gods Among Us on PC!!!!

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