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Have you been in a situation where you have had to get embarrassed in front of your colleagues in a meeting just because your phone started to ring? Have you ever had to listen to your parents’ scolding just because you could not pick up their calls because your phone was on silent and you did not get to know about the call until later? Well, Llama Android app understands all of these concerns of yours and provides an amazing chance to get rid of all of these problems. Yes, with loads of features and some fantastic functions, this application has won the hearts and influenced the minds of millions of people out there. Do you also wish to be a part of this unique APK?

What is Llama?

Llama is an application which allows you to control how and where your phone rings, depending on a variety of variables. You can apply a variety of conditions to ensure that your phone only rings at the right time and does not disturb you when you are in the middle of something important. Some of the restrictions which you can set on your phone calls using this application include:

  • Location based tracking: This allows your phone to figure out where you currently are. Using this application, you can set your phone to remain silent in locations such as your office. However, keep in mind that this APK does not use GPS for tracking your location. It makes use of your carrier service to do so. However, it can also track your location based on the Wi-Fi connection, which seems to be more convenient.
  • Time based restriction: You can also place time-based restriction using this application. For example, you can set your phone to remain silent during your meetings. Of course, you will first have to enter your meeting schedule in this app to let it know when your meetings are.
  • People-based restriction: You can also set restrictions for various people. For example, you can make sure that no matter where you are, your phone always rings out loud if there is a call from your parents. This restriction can also be used in case of emergency conditions.

One of the best features about this APK is that it can synchronize it with your calendar. This means that you do not have to type in all of the conditions yourself; the app is intelligent enough to pick out info from your calendar to implement time-based restrictions.

Download Llama APK Android

Other features

There are a variety of other features which Llama Android APK tends to offer you. These features might not be related to the main aim of this application, but are extremely useful in our daily lives. In fact, this app surely deserves an applause for providing us such a wide list of features. Let us have a glimpse on some of them:

  • You have the chance to kill all the running applications with the help of this app. You just need to select which apps to kill, and this app will do so in order to clean up memory.
  • You can configure your phone to start playing songs when a headset is connected to it. This way you will not have to open the music player on your own.
  • This app can also reboot your device with just a single tap. In fact, it allows you to create a reboot icon, tapping which will enable your device to restart.
  • You can also provide Wi-Fi hotspot to other mobile phones and provide internet to them.

How can you create events?

You can create events based on a variety of factors in this application. Let us have a glimpse on some of those factors.

  • You can create an event based on the battery level of your device. For example, if you battery level is below 20%, you can ask the app to turn off the vibration feature so less battery power is consumed.
  • You can create special events for your device when it is charging.
  • You can even create events based on the time of the day or even the day of the week.
  • You also have the chance to create events based on your calendar dates in this APK.
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