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Kik For PC

Messaging is nothing new to every one. From the traditional text message to the more innovative instant messengers, we can always get the message across while on the go. There’s also the social media that has increased our dependence on mobile phones like never before. Truly, the Internet further connects us with the rest of the world.

Many instant messaging apps are actually FREE but some apps may require a mobile number upon registering your account. Kik is the handiest mobile messenger you can use with only just a username required. So whether you’re using a tablet or another form of device, you can stay connected with everyone.

Download KIK for PC / KIK on PC

Kik: Get a kick right when you need it

Kik Interactive lets you stay connected in so many ways. Download Kik on PC and do more than just messaging. You can stay on the loop no matter how busy you are when you keep this messenger running in the background.

  • Chat with friends with your username
  • Join group chats to explore even more
  • Share games, GIFs, Videos, photos and so much more
  • Meet someone new
  • Make friends with people sharing the same interests as yours

New update!

  • Easier and faster group messaging
  • Discover PB and J, emojis, GIFs starting from the conversation
  • Overall enhancements 11/24/15
  • New and better version
  • Compatible with Android devices OS 4.0 and above

Launching Kik on PC opens to a portrait or landscape orientation found on your phone. It basically mirrors the same Android user interface for optimum performance. Although there are actually no limits as to how many number of characters you’re going to use across any device. It’s just easier now considering the larger space for composing the entire message.

On staying connected

A messenger is basically like the text messaging service you have always known. But since smartphones have become more like an indispensible tool, there are many messenger services with better options. Before, you can only text someone from mobile phone to another mobile phone, which includes the minimal data charges. If you’re texting someone from abroad, you can expect paying for the long distance charge. Mobile messaging apps have changed all that.

Whenever needed

Get a copy of Kik for PC and use the same mobile messenger on your Windows or Mac computer. If you have more than one messaging service, you won’t miss on any important call or text by launching all the apps simultaneously.

Kik messenger has several amazing features though. The user-friendly interface shows subtle indicators when your message is being sent or finally delivered, as well as when the recipient has finally read it. This can be quite so important, most especially if you don’t have time to play games.

What’s in there?

If the receiver read it for instance and doesn’t send any reply, at least you know you got the message across. This will spare people from the embarrassment of sending multiple messages asking about the same thing. Or worse, sending something like “did you get any of my messages?”.

  • S stands for sending
  • D stands for delivered
  • R stands for read

There’s more

The same features now apply to some of the more popular messaging applications today. But Kik has been known to start this familiar concept of verification process. KIk messaging service also gives users a complete access to the wide selection of emoticons for FREE. One of the notable features of Kik is that it lets you jump into a group chat almost instantly. Users can put as many as 50 user profiles in one group conversation. You can talk with one another, share photos, videos and share views about certain subjects. If you want it to be more exclusive, you can create a private group chat where certain numbers of participants are only allowed to join. It’s also easier to join group conversations and add new contacts while in the middle of using the app.

For those in concern

Since there are quite a handful of messengers for Android, it would be smarter to choose an age-appropriate messaging application that kids can use as well. Kik messenger is not something all parents would approve. If you’re a parent, you should know that Kik is actually intended for users 17 years old and above. And though the app has its amazing features, the concept of meeting strangers can also be dangerous for minors.

Just lookin’ around

Surprisingly, Kik has garnered 200 million downloads worldwide. But then most of these are probably just teenagers looking to have fun by meeting new people. The fact that they are allowed to make username serves as a safety advantage to hide their real names to the public. They will have enough opportunity to get to know the real person behind each other’s profiles before getting more personal.

Privacy matters

If you’ll be comparing Kik to a social media application, you can tell there is a big difference in terms of privacy. Most social networking accounts entail the users to disclose their real names. Even though it can be disabled in the settings, most kids don’t even know where and how to adjust these features. In the end, they are the last ones to discover that their personal profile is made public. Even grown ups that are not tech savvy always ends up with this issue.

Things to consider

However, you should also take a little extra caution when it comes to your username. It’s important to use a separate username for Kik because if you use the same under your public profile in the social media, then you know how it’s going to destroy your privacy. Of course it greatly depends in the user’s preference. Better yet, just get a plain instant messenger that you can share with every one in the family if you’re not interested with the rest of its features.

  • Kik knows the importance of privacy. You can always block users if you don’t want to talk to them for any reason.
  • You can always hide your user profile and not allow certain users to see your pictures or leave unwanted message

Use Andy to launch Kik on PC

Andy breaks down the walls that used to prevent you from downloading your favourite Android apps to your computer. The issue between Windows, Apple and Android’s different operating systems will no longer be an obstacle. Andy is equipped with full Android UI and supports Windows 7/8 and Mac OSX operating systems. Finally, you can now run Kik messenger from your desktop computer. Until now, only Andy OS has the most advanced installation package in software emulators today.

Kick off the walls

  • Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 capability. Andy works with any desktop browser and syncs everything straight to the open software emulator
  • Full Android User Interface. Virtually explore your mobile devices interface in a much larger screen and experience Android gaming like never before!
  • Run apps from PC. Brings all your frequently used apps for entertainment, gaming and communication in one place
  • OpenGL Hardware, ARM and X86 native apps capable. Andy OS is the most highly flexible mobile-desktop emulator in the industry.

Set yourself free and run all your favourite Android apps in the background

  • Integrated Camera and Microphone. Do more with Andy OS applications with the built-in microphone and camera support. (Ideal for your camera utility apps, video messaging apps and social media applications).
  • Cloud Save Feature (Android). Get unlimited storage so you no longer have to get rid of some other applications in your device.
  • Accessible Local File System (Android). Using your favourite mobile utility applications is made more convenient with this feature.
  • App sync to Mobile. All the saved settings, progress, purchases are synced to your mobile or desktop
  • Google Play Store. Use your Google account for all the apps available on the website

Other great features!

  • Mobile device as Joystick. Get the separate application (Andy Remote) for this feature and you can experience mobile-desktop gaming in a whole new way
  • Integrated Sensors. Works simultaneously with your handset device
  • Multi-touch control support. Use Kik anywhere and stay in control at even a few feet away from your PC using your touchscreen device!
  • Playstation/Xbox Controller. Andy already supports your favourite game console joysticks
  • Keyboard Mapper. Hard-core gamers can enjoy the real desktop experience with their favourite Android apps.

Never miss out on these

  • Developer’s Facebook support. Got any questions? Connect via Facebook and get real-time support from Andy’s technical team.
  • Desktop Push Notifications. Get the latest push notification message across multiple devices
  • Enhanced Battery life for your phone. Launching your mobile apps on PC can give your phone/ tablet sufficient battery for all the essentials

Check out for a whole lot of messengers to choose from.

When you have Kik already, then you can get a copy of Andy OS’ Kik for PC! It’s not only FREE but is also very easy to install along with your favourite Android apps whether for games, communication, photo-editing and other utility based software.

How to Download Kik for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Kik download.

Step 5: Find Kik and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Kik on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Kik on PC!!!

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