Mobile App Discovery: It’s Easy On A PC

If you’re reading this post on our web site chances are you already have a pretty good idea about running a mobile operating system on your PC, and you probably already think it is a good idea.

However, you may have arrived on for a very specific reason, like wanting to play a specific mobile game on your PC. No question that using Andy OS to play mobile games on a PC is awesome, but there are a bunch of practical benefits that you either aren’t aware of or just don’t think about cause they aren’t the cool, sexy benefits.

In this post I will highlight one of those practical benefits: App Discovery. It is one of the most basic computing behaviors and one that seems to present never ending challenges. I can’t find what I want, there is so much crap out there, how do I know if X app is really any good, and so on. Wait…Andy OS has some new magical discovery tool? Well, in a way, yes. When you run a mobile operating system on your PC, in this case Andy OS, app discovery can be timely, effective and seamlessly connected to your phone:

  1. When I Want It: In most cases you read or hear about an app for the first time on a web site. Someone sends a link to a developer’s web site or you read about a new app on one of many web sites that write about new apps everyday. In either one of these cases there is no immediate action that leads to actually getting the app. You know the drill: Visit the Play Store, read more, etc. With a mobile operating system running on your PC, the connection from reading about the app on to installing and running the app, is immediate. You simply go into the Play Store and install the app right there on your PC. Easy, immediate and most importantly, right when you are thinking about it.
  1. Size Matters: Often when you find a potentially interesting mobile app, the size of the file leads to second-guessing. Do I really want a 1G file on my phone? Do I even have the space for this? What if the app is not as cool as advertised? When you’re running a mobile operating system on your PC you don’t have to worry about this. You can install an app of any size, run the app and decide if you want to keep it or not, never once thinking about how big the file is or how long the install will take. And even if you end up not liking the app, there’s no need to dump it right away because there’s no need to make room for other big apps. So big or small, awesome or disappointing, with a mobile operating system running on your PC, you are free to install, test out and keep forever, any app. Go crazy for apps!!
  1. From PC to Phone: Ok, so you found the app on, installed it right then even though it was 1G and guess what, the app is awesome and you really want it on your phone. With Andy OS you can sync any app installed on your PC to your phone (or any mobile device) with “1clicksync.” You simply install the app from the Play Store, go to Andy OS “1clicksync,” click on the app you want to sync and presto you’re done.

So no question that Andy OS is awesome for playing mobile games, but it can be just as awesome for something as practical (and sometimes frustrating) as app discovery.

If you’re not already an Andy OS user, click here to install Andy OS now: And feel free to share this post with any friends you think would like to run a mobile operating system on their PC.

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