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Yik Yak: Your Local Bulletin Board

So, you think Twitter is the only way to tell the tale? Now, you can broadcast what’s happening within your area and post news for the others to see. Yik Yak ANDROID APP is like having your own bulletin board that you can take anywhere. It displays the current posts of people using the same app nearby. People can share here any information and connect without necessarily being acquainted with one another. Yik Yak is the new kind of social networking app designed locally. It lets people post some comments just about anything they come across and even post photos that would later on spread like fire to over hundreds of people using Yik Yak in 5-mile radius.

Spill the Beans

Social networking won’t ever be the same! Download Yik Yak APK and experience the FUN and EXCITEMENT you won’t find anywhere. Users can tell all the news, awesome happenings, shoutouts and anything that would spark laughter within a close-knit group. Using the built in GPS on your system, Yik Yak easily identifies the users of the same location or closest proximity to where you are and sends the posts to them. Having said that, you will then receive yaks from those around you. Not only does it work like Twitter, but also Yik Yak is closer to your heart with the geo-locator feature. Anyone can be sure that all the posts have relevance to the community where they belong.

Download Yik Yak Android APK

Growing the herd

Yik Yak APK lets you show off your writing skills and get votes from other members of the Yik Yak community. Post quality content and engage your audience about certain subjects and weigh in your decisions with their upvotes and downvotes about something in particular. Once you set up the application, you can start and share your thoughts via photos with the new update.

What’s Yakking Lately?

Latest update now lets people post photos using their very own Yik Yak ANDROID APP. Photos will then stream for a considerable amount of time (maybe a few days) so the community will have all have a glimpse of what’s happening in your Yik Yak bulletin. If you’re into this, the new improved Peek Feeds now have a new look to let you enjoy using it even more.

Where to begin

After you download Yik Yak APK, you will have to comply with the one-time verification procedure to ensure that you aren’t a robot trolling around the Yik Yak community. This will also prevent SPAMMING so that everyone will have the best time using the app.

  • Messages can just be about anything
  • Post questions, opinions or seek advice
  • Share information within your area
  • Reach out to some specific people
  • Find or report a missing dog

The thin line

According to the developers, Yik Yak ANDROID APP should be used with certain amount of responsibility and maturity. After all, it is designed as your virtual bulletin board so that only means the information stated there must be reliable and won’t hurt anyone. Although it is an anonymous empty slate, it is still way beyond control if a person starts posting real names and uploading photos that would compromise somebody else’s private life.

On Yackety-Yacking

It must be pointed out that the same app got into a controversy for causing cyber bullying among kids in school (particularly in Georgia and Chicago). On the brighter side, Yik Yak now incorporates geo-fencing for high schools and middle schools across the US to protect the underage. Their team worked hand in hand with Maponics, a Vermont –based company that creates and identifies geographic boundaries. This has helped in preventing young students to get access over the app.

Nearly whispering

Yik Yak can be compared to the many anonymous sharing applications that allow users to share within the same community. The idea is to give users significantly related posts to make it more interesting for those who read it. While in there, you can browse the feed and post comments, upvote, or do just the opposite. If you currently don’t have any data connection, you can still manage to view the posts as it stays there for a few more days. All things considered, Yik Yak seeks to explore the complexities around your neighbourhood, so keep your eyes wide open.

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