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VLC: Now a Media Player for Android

If you want your multi-media viewing experience to be hassle free, it’s time to go on with the times. VLC ANDROID APP is now available as a cross-platform multimedia player source for streaming network protocols, devices, and discs. With this Android application, anyone can enjoy the great variety of video and audio files usually played on the desktop like DVD ISOs. VLC supports several types of audio formats using the very unique full audio player. It has all the right filters, an equalizer and an all-encompassing database to access for FREE. (READ: no spying gizmo, IAPs or any advertisements). Therefore, Videolabs Media created VLC to cater for everyone out of their passion for software development alone.

Download VLC APK Android

The Variety of Formats

As mentioned earlier, VLC APK streams most of the local audio and video files, DVD ISOs as well as the adaptive streaming found under network streams. No separate downloads are required with an all-inclusive codes within the app. Hence, even the rare formats like AAC, Wy, M2TS, TS, FLAC, Ogg, MOV, AVI, MP4 and MKV are all readable. Meanwhile, the Media Library lets you browse through the folders directly so it’s never been difficult to search for an audio or video file using VLC.

More Reasons to Use VLC

Currently, ARMv6 device is not supported but performance improvements are in the works to give that in the upcoming releases. In the meantime, download VLC APK to experience these very notable features.

  • VLC supports subtitles and multiple track audio files
  • It includes a gestures control to navigate the search, brightness, volume, aspect ratio, and auto rotate features
  • A tiny widget is also accessible to instantly access the entire audio and media library, the use of headset and all the audio-related adjustments

Necessary Clearances

It only makes sense that certain permissions usually come with this in order for the app to run smoothly. You may not realise, but it needs to pause playing your music when an incoming or outgoing call is taking place. VLC APK also needs to read what’s in stored in the USB to see through the media files. Other than that, sufficient network access information can give you the best streaming experience online. While seeking particular audio/video player, it needs to manipulate the vibration control to place feedback coming from the main user interface. It goes without saying that VLC needs to disable the sleep mode so that your device won’t sleep / turn idle as you watch videos.

Access Enabled

At first glance, you’ll think how come permissions are often required before downloading the app. But as mentioned above, it is necessary to perform this otherwise you won’t get anything out of the application. If you’re bent into using VLC APK on your device, it should be known that several access permissions might be required such as the following:

  • Hide the streaming
  • Check network connections
  • Call information
  • Device identification
  • Access to Files, Media and Photos
  • App history and also the device

Here’s the latest from VLC

Videolabs Media made several improvements on the app only recently. Featuring the background playback, activated Audio Delay Control, a new file browser, side bar, streamlined video player controller, Lollipop features, enhanced search behaviour, new improved audio player design and the very latest Album View. Here’s more when you download VLC APK.

  • Updated codecs
  • Better logging
  • New Improved SD Cards Browsing
  • Newly added Audio Scrobbling support
  • TS Files Hardware Acceleration

Why VLC ANDROID APP proves to be worth the wait?

Now, it’s almost 3 years since Videolabs launched VLC ANDROID APP to penetrate the much popular North American Android units. Not known to all, it does not include the Canadian and the US market base on its first release. With the many media players that came right after, one might think what sets VLC different from what is offered in the Google Play? Fast-forward to the present, conceivably, it’s the fact that you can throw in almost any media and audio file format there and it really works. Apart from the obvious features, VLC can even provide you an amazing playlist, subtitle option, and sleep timer. But clearly, the URL network streams stands above all to many Android users to this very day.

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