Download Archanoid DEMOLITION for PC/Archanoid DEMOLITION on PC

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Have you got bore of old shooting games? Are you sick of the routine sports games? Or you required something very special in the world of games? If you answer yes, then this excellent is exactly for you. It is a different amazing app that will take you in the world of courage and challenge. There is no fighting, bloodshed or killing in the game. The app has been launched with a unique concept and a wonderful theme. It will not let you feel bore no matter for how long you play it. The app, Archanoid DEMOLITION for PC, has a huge fan bank and the number is still increasing. Players have a great attraction for this app; especially kids are more crazy about it. Therefore they used to download the game for free and play it for unlimited time. You can play it anywhere either in your free periods in the school or in the break when you are at work. The app is excellent in the sense that it doesn’t get on to your nerves so that you feel more tired but in fact it soothes and calms you and makes you relax after you are back from a hectic routine. You will no reason to avoid it once you download it. The app has several excellent features that make it more interesting for the gamers. So don’t hesitate and download it now to enjoy more and more!

Description of the game:

This is an awesome game that has a lot to inspire you and you will definitely enjoy it. Are you worried for not having a smartphone? Let all the worries throw in the garbage and be happy as the game is now available on PC. So from now you can play it without having a smartphone.

The game, Archanoid DEMOLITION on PC, is a wonderful addition in the world of gaming. It has different levels and each level enhances the interest and devotion of the player in the game. There are also several power ups offered in the game to give you a longer life as well as higher scores.

Download Archanoid DEMOLITION for PC/Archanoid DEMOLITION on PC

How to play the game?

You supposed to slide the finger under the paddle or the racket in order to move it. To launch the ball release you finger. If you want to pause the game you may take help from the ‘Back’ button; you may also use exit or a joker for the same purpose.

There are two kinds of ball control in the game and you have to select one of them and they are:

  • Demolition mode
  • Classic mode

Both the modes deal the ball in a different manner but enjoy the both. In the demolition mode the ball path is determined by the paddle or racket movement as well as the angle of incident. Whereas in the classic mode it is point of impact on the paddle is known to determine the path of ball.

The real mission is to hit the ball with the help of racket and break the bricks. When you finish all the bricks you will be able to move to next level. There are more than 400 levels and more are going to be added soon.

Value of bricks:

The game has different layers of bricks and you have clear all the bricks in order to move towards new level. The bricks are of different colors but have to clear all. Bricks of different colors have different points. There are about seven colors of bricks that are in the form of layers. Each layer has a different color and the number of bricks is also different in each color.

In the first level you see the bricks of red color on the lowest layer and where you hit the ball first. These bricks have 5 points each; it means you will earn 5 point each time you break the brick. The second layer from bottom is of orange color and this will make you earn 10 points for each brick. Above the orange layer of bricks you will see the layer that will give you 15 points on each brick breaking and it is yellow layer; bricks of light green color come after it that has 20 points for each that you break. Dark green layer of bricks is the next layer after the light green, possessing 25 points for each brick break. With 30 points for each brick sky blue is the next brick layer. After sky blue you will see the dark blue brick layer that gives you 35 points for each brick layer. Violet is the color of next brick layer that has 40 points for each brick layer. On the top of all layers you will see the layer of pink color bricks and this gives top points as well i.e. 45 points for each brick break.

Some special blocks:

Along with colorful brick layers there are a number of special bricks that possess special characteristics. Such special bricks are often helpful in gaining high score in Archanoid DEMOLITION for PC but some special bricks have also been made the part of game in order to create hurdles. These hurdles in the game make the play more interesting and challenging for the player as well as polish the skills of the gamers.

Diamond block: it is a special brick that you will find in every level but it appears seldom. It is a crystal like blue shade brick and hitting this brick will pay you 5000 points at once. So don’t miss the diamond brick if you ever see it in the play.

Hard block: this is another special block with special features. This is not an ordinary block that you can break with a single hit of your ball. Instead it needs two hits to break and gives you 200 points.

Unbreakable block:sometimes you will face the unbreakable blocks of red color. These will break no matter how many times you hit them. Your ball returns back every time you hit them. These are just obstacles in the way to the approach to next level.

Blinking unbreakable block:these are rather more tough blocks to cop up with. These are also a form of hurdles in completion of the level. Such blocks create confusion while blinking and make your hit unsuccessful.

Invisible block:another form of hurdle is invisible blocks. These are so dim in shade that most of the time the player could not feel their presence and may loss the ball. These block can be proved a big challenge in proceeding the level.

Unbreakable moving blocks: you may see the moving blocks that return your ball without any progress; these are actually non-breakable blocks that move all around the screen. You should know about their appearance so that you can recognize them while playing. These are four colors i.e. yellow, green, purple and blue. The blocks have diagonal strips on them.

Power ups:

For the support of player and to make the play more interesting and attracted there are offered several power ups in the game. When you start breaking bricks successfully, there drop such power ups from certain colorful bricks. These power ups not only increase the score of the player but also give certain benefits that become helpful in approaching towards next very fast. There are several aids and hurdles in the play like change visibility, gravity, radio control, reduce ball, magnetize paddle and many others as follow:

Change paddle size: this can help the ball from dropping down and be lost; moreover it can help hit easily.

Change ball speed: the ball may become fast and you can approach the next level quickly. But keep in mind that the chances to lose the ball become brighter.

Get extra ball: this is an amazing aid; you have 2 or 3 balls instead of one so that you can hit the bricks more fast.

Activate floor: this is another brilliant feature of Archanoid DEMOLITION on PC. The activate floor seems as a green laser under the racket. It helps you in saving the ball if you miss it on the racket. This floor appears for a short while and you can play freely while accumulating several power ups until the floor disappears.

Get extra points: this is the aid that simply carries a number of points when the racket touch it.

Balls multiplied by two: how many numbers of balls you are playing with are doubled in this power up.

Activate laser: the most exciting and attracting power up in the game is the ‘activate lazer’; it shoots the bricks very fast.

Burning balls: this is also a unique cool app; the balls become burning that used to burn the bricks when hit them.

Get joker: when you get stuck in some level and unable to clear it you have option of wildcards like joker; it help you skip the level.

Death: never to take this as it will finish the game.

How to Download Archanoid DEMOLITION for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Archanoid DEMOLITION download.

Step 5: Find Archanoid DEMOLITION and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Archanoid DEMOLITION on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Archanoid DEMOLITION on PC!!!

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