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Truecaller: Taking Away the Doubt

The very saturated mobile world needs outstanding utility software that can do more than just placing or taking calls. True Software Scandinavia developed this communication tool to let people search beyond what’s in the phone storage without leaving the network service. Truecaller ANDROID APP lets you see relevant contact suggestions according to location and time zone. Some of its many great features allow you to block contacts you don’t want to hear from or identify incoming calls with unknown numbers.

Knowing the Numbers

Currently, the platform came up with another breakthrough wherein users can already block SMS. This amazing feature is still not supported on Android 4.4 KitKat devices (just yet). Truecaller APK ensures that no data is uploaded for the public to see in spite of having the caller identification feature. This should erase the doubt concerning the 700+ million mobile and landline numbers on its database worldwide regarding privacy. Other than that, it is important to enable WIFI or 3G in order to allow the Caller ID to function.

Download Truecaller Android APKDownload Truecaller Android APK

Searching Far Beyond

Just how do you go about your business if you don’t have the right contacts? Download Truecaller APK to take advantage of the integrated Yelp!-Business Directory search anywhere. Truecaller can also work alongside your Twitter so you can Follow and Tweet within the same application. A Premium feature lets people search via real name so they can get in touch with them directly. Numbers coming from apps or websites can now be carried over anywhere sans the bothersome notification alerts. Search the numbers you missed to find out the identity of the caller for your peace of mind.

No Wasted Time

Truecaller ANDROID APP knows how time is so important for busy people. For that, they have developed some amazing features to get you straight to the business or on what really matters.

  • BLOCK UNWANTED CALLS- it can be a tad annoying to get calls from telemarketers and spam callers when you’re too busy with work or actually waiting for a very important call. This swell feature may be just what you need
  • CALLER ID- seeing beforehand who’s calling before taking the call would save you more precious time. It can give you more space and the option to return the call at your convenience

How to Start with the App

Truecaller is available in more than 25 different countries like the US, UK, Italy, Canada and India. Truecaller APK is also equipped with the same functions found on your Android phone. Thus, you can still receive notifications whenever a spam reaches your mobile device.

  • Upon installing the app, the main user interface will appear with 3 standard options such as updating your phonebook, search tool and call filter
  • Use the search tool to look for publicly listed numbers that you can save straight to your device
  • If in case a previously blocked number is attempting to reach you, Truecaller will then send you alerts to keep you on guard. This is the main function of the call filtering option
  • Users can store specific numbers over its database to block calls coming from people who owns these numbers
  • Connect via social media within the application when you download Truecaller ANDROID APK This also incorporates any profile picture linked to the caller so that the user will know exactly who’s trying to make a contact
  • The app basically runs in the background even if you’re not using it so there’s no need to enable or disable it every now and then
  • If you’re not within the range of a WIFI connection or the 3G is turned off, Truecaller still works as long as the number is listed on the device. Otherwise, it automatically searches for connectivity to verify the number on the server
  • Network charges may apply

The True Powerhouse

As with all things familiar, it won’t take so much time to get re-oriented with the classic communications tool. Truecaller ANDROID APP may one of the foremost applications for communication since the smartphone reached its ultimate glory. This calling service was launched way back before such amazing features became available to most apps and built-in device we have and enjoy today.

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