Download Talking Tom Android APK

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Brief description of Talking Tom Apk

Talking Tom Android Apk is an Android-based game that allows you to play with Tom, a virtual cat pet. Just like taking good care of a real pet, you have to feed Tom, take him to the bathroom when he needs to pee or to take a bath. You are also the one who have to tuck him into bed and turn off the lights whenever he needs to sleep. As a growing pet, he needs attention and time from his master, who is you. You have to play him and keep him entertained and keep him from being bored.

Before downloading Talking Tom Apk, be mindful that this game requires time and attention. Since Tom is a growing pet that needs virtual attention, you have to visit him once in a while and see that he needs. But if you are really fond of pet and you like to take care of things, you will surely enjoy this game.

Talking Tom Android Apk is an Android game application that entertains kids and adults of all ages. You won’t realize that you are already fond of your virtual pet Tom who talks back to you and does what you ask him to do.

Download Talking Tom Android APK

How to play Talking Tom Apk

The first thing to do is to download this application on your mobile phone. You can find it on the app store. It is easy to download, especially when you have been downloading games on your phone since you have the existing account.

Once download is complete, you will be able to see Tom, a cute gray cat who needs your time, attention and care. You need to feed him on a daily basis, sometimes he needs snacks in between meals. Maybe he has played a lot and got tired and hungry. You also have to take him to the bathroom to pee and clean him up whenever he got dirty.

What make you fond of Tom are his thoughtful gestures and sad pairs of eyes that you cannot resist. Imagine a cat looks at you in his most sad expression begging for care? That is what Tom looks like. You would also grow fondness when Tom starts to talk. He would say the words you utter. It’s like teaching a child to speak.

Features of Talking Tom Apk

The main objective of Talking Tom Android Apk is to give happiness to people who are fond of taking care of their pets but could not have one at their side. With this game, you will be able to bring your pet Tom wherever you go. Although it can be a demanding task, it brings happiness and takes your mind out of your routine.

  • Feeding Tom.Just like growing a pet, you need to feed him and nourish him. There are fruits, fast foodsbreakfast, vegetables, desserts, drinks and sandwiches available for him. Feed him what he needs and he will look happy. You can utter the words ‘thank you’ on him and he will say it back to you.
  • Groom Tom. Another part of growing Tom is to groom him and make him look healthy. You can do this by giving him a bath and bringing him to the bathroom whenever he needs to. He would make those funny faces if he feels uneasy and needs to go. Remember, you need to attend to his bathroom needs or he will pee on the floor. You can also train him to go to the bathroom by himself. If you are too busy and not able to give him a bath, he would look so dirty, stinky and irritated – those things that you do not want your pet to be.
  • Making Tom happy. As soon as you fed him, bathe him and took him to the bathroom, Tom will look happy and fulfilled. You can also tickle him and play with him whenever you like. You also need to put him to sleep and rest for him to have energy to play the next day. These things make Tom a happy pet.
  • Talking Tom Apk features high definition graphics along with outstanding animations and sound effects.

Talking Tom Apk is an addictive game. It takes a while before your fondness to Tom turn into game addiction and it will be harder for you to leave Tom.

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