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Pictures are essential to everyone nowadays. Who does not want to look good in pictures? Who does not want their pictures to be perfect? Well, this is why Retrica Android application has won the hearts of hundreds of millions of people all over the world. The app realizes he significance of good pictures and provides you with a variety of tools to make your pictures perfect. All you need to do is to take your pictures using this application, and half of your job will be done. Sound simple, right? Well, it surely is. This is the reason why this APK has become one of the most famous photo editors in the world. Nowadays, you could see the logo of Retrica appearing in almost every picture which you come across. This clearly shows how famous this application is with people. So if you also wish to give this app a try, then download its APK in your device and install it in it without wasting a moment.

There are lots of functionalities which are being offered by this application. Let us have a deep insight into these functionalities.

Download Retrica Android APK

Real-time filters

Most of the apps allows you to apply filters to your picture once it has been clicked. However, this app is quite different. It provides you a chance to have a look at your picture with filters before you take a photo. You can choose from over 100 different filters and apply the one which suits your picture the best. These hundred different filters ensure that you never run out of choices to edit your picture. You can also add special effects to your pictures and see whether they are good or not. It is interesting to note that people are so fond of the filters offered by Retrica Android APK that they do not feel the need to try out any of the advanced editing features offered by it. Surely, this app keeps into consideration that people like doing things the easy way.

Make collages

In most other apps, you are given the chance to make a collage of pictures which you have. However, this app also provides you an extra feature for this purpose. Now you can take consecutive pictures using Retrica and use its collage feature to create a whole collage. What can be more awesome than that? The overall orientation of this collage can be changed later in order to accommodate your wishes. There are also lots of frame available in this editing app which you can use in case you wish to make manual collages. There is literally every feature available in this photo editor; all you need to do is to explore the features of this app in depth.

Set timer

Most of the times you are not able to take a picture of your own unless someone else takes it for you. However, you will not have to go through this issue if your make use of this app. This is because this app comes with a timer which you can set according to your convenience. In order to take a picture of yours, you just need to set the timer and place the phone at an appropriate location. The app with do all the work by itself and provide you with an amazing picture which you will simply admire.

Add special effects

You can control a number of features of your picture as well as add a number of special effects to it as well. You can vary the brightness, contrast, saturation, ambiance and many other advanced features of your picture. However, these features are quite advanced and should be used by a professional editor who understands their use. Moreover, you can also add a number of effects to your picture. For example, you can set your camera to focus on a particular person and blur the remaining region. This feature is quite good in order to focus better on specific targets. Once you are familiar with these features in this APK, you will be easily able to use them in order to enhance the look of your pictures. So do not waste a further moment and get hold of this amazing APK on your device.

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