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People need to access the internet all the time to perform various tasks. There are many websites which you need to access for entertainment as well as for work. In fact, social networking websites have also gained a lot of popularity nowadays. However, the real problem arises when you do not have the right to access a particular website on the internet which it important for you. This problem usually arises because that specific website has been blocked in your country or your region. Due to this reason, you cannot open that website at all. However, in order to get you out of this big hassle, Psiphon Android app has come into being. The sole aim of this application is to make the whole internet accessible to you, no matter where you reside. This app realizes the fact that when the whole world is given the chance to access a particular website for their convenience, you should also be given that chance. In addition to this, this APK also allows you to surf the internet in a secure manner by making sure that your connected is safe and secure. Let us dig into the details of this application and analyze the functionalities which it offers.

Download Psiphon Android APK

Secure your browser of full-device?

One of the unique features offered by Psiphon is that it allows you to decide whether you want to secure your browser or your whole device. By securing your browser, you will be able to access all the blocked websites in your country on your internet browser. You can open the websites, download things, share stuff etc. However, when you choose this mode, none of the other applications will be able to access any blocked content. In order to enable this feature, you need to configure the application to secure your full device. By doing this, you provide a chance to all of the applications on your device to access any blocked content in your country. You should make use of this feature when you have applications which are actually blocked in your country and you need to run them on your device.

Once you have decided which of these two options you want to choose, you should have a look at other settings as well. You have the chance to configure the location or country through which you wish to access the blocked websites. There is no special need to change the default settings, but if you are an advanced user then you might want to make these changes for some special purpose.

Protect your phone on unknown networks

Do you know that when you connect your phone with unknown public Wi-Fi networks, there is a great chance that someone might hack into your phone and access your private content. In order to avoid this issue, you need to run Psiphon Android APK on your device in order to protect your phone. Once you run this APK, no one would be able to hack into your device and your phone will surely remain secure at all times. So if you are thinking about adding a layer of protection to your device, then you must download and install this APK on your mobile phone right away.

Get in-app stats

You have also the chance to get hold of various statistics using this application. For example, you can get to know that how much traffic you have been using with the help of this application. This will help you get a deep insight into the usage of this application. Moreover, you can also view the websites you visited as well as detailed information regarding those sites. That is surely quite impressive.

Detailed interface

The interface in this application is quite detailed. This means that every button comes with a detailed description on how to use it. You will find more information about using this application in the help section. You are also given detailed information regarding various websites on the screen, which help you get a clear picture of the usage of internet on your device.

If you are even slightly intrigued by the mesmerizing functions offered by this APK, you should definitely try it out and see what it actually entails for you.

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