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Do you regularly get stuck in that condition where your phone memory gets full again and again? Even after deleting a lot of applications and personal files, your phone keeps working slow and gets stuck as well? Well, then you are not the only one who is stuck in the problem. There are loads of other people who experience the same issue every single day. However, now you do not need to worry anymore since the solution is right in front of your own eyes. Link2SD Android APK is the best application out there which aims at eliminating this issue of yours so that your phone starts working fast again and a lot of phone memory is freed up. It is surely one of the best memory management applications which you will ever come across.

How does Link2SD work?

This application realizes that your phone memory might not be large enough to support a lot of applications at the same time. There are a lot of system applications which take up a lot of space; space which you cannot even free up on your own. This is the reason why this APK has come into being. It allows you to transfer a number of applications from your phone storage to your memory card! Yes, by doing so, it ensures that your phone memory is freed up so your phone starts working faster. However, this is not just it. There are also a variety of other features which this application provides you, which enables you to get a better control over your device. So are you ready to make use of this fantastic APK for your benefit?

In order to move your apps to the SD card, you need to create a secondary storage on your card. Even though you can move these apps to the primary storage of your card, it is still recommended that you create a secondary partition in order to ensure that a complete section of your card is reserved for this purpose. It is later easier to move back the applications from this storage.

Download Link2SD Android APK

Select the apps which you want to move

One of the most amazing features about this memory management application is that it allows you a lot of control over this whole process. You can not only move the apps from phone memory to SD card, you can also do vice versa. Moreover, you can also individually select the applications which you wish to move. There are basically two types of applications on your device:

  1. System applications
  2. User applications

System applications are the one which are already preinstalled on your device when you buy it. User applications, on the other hand, are the ones which you install yourself on your device. Most of the devices are stiff enough to allow you to move the system applications. However, Link2SD is even able to move the system apps no matter if your phone allows it or not. What can be more awesome than that?

Set the app to automatically move applications

There is also a special feature in Link2SD Android APK which enables it to automatically move all the applications to the SD card as they are installed on your device. This is quite helpful since you will not have to manually move every single application to the SD card on your own. This app will do all of this on its own. Moreover, it is also important to note that you can also make a copy of your SD card so that in case your card becomes corrupt or goes through any problem, you will still have a backup of all your applications.

Move app data as well

Moving your applications to your SD card is not the only important task to be done here. It is essential to note that the application data for each app should also be moved with it to the SD card. If you forget to back up the application data, then your progress in that application will be lost and you will have to start using it from scratch. This is the reason why this APK provides you a chance to move all of your applications’ data to your SD card as well.

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