Download Mobizen Android APK

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It would not be wrong to call Mobizen Android application as one of the most versatile apps in the Android market. The application is not only useful, but also fascinates the users with its amazing and intriguing features. How many times have you wanted to connect and sync your phone with your PC? Well, surely a lot of time. Now, with the help of this fantabulous application, you have the amazing chance to link your PC and your phone in the perfect possible way. In fact, the sole aim of this application is to provide you with an interface which you can use to link your mobile phone with external devices. In this regard, let us explore and understand the features and facilities which this extraordinary APK brings along with it.

Screen recording

There are a lot of applications in the Android market which provide you with a chance to record what is happening on your screen. However, most of those applications require you to root your device. Mobizen, on the other hand, is one of those few apps which provide you this functionality without the need to root your device! Now you can record everything which is happening on your screen. Whether you wish to record your amazing gameplay to show to your friends or make a video on performing certain actions on your phone, you are welcome to do all of these. So are you ready to get benefit from this amazing APK? Well, then wait no longer and download it right away.

Download Mobizen Android APK

Connect your phone with PC

Have you ever wished of connecting your phone with your PC so you can control a number of functions on your Android device using your computer? Well, this APK provides you the chance to do so. Once your phone is connected with your PC, you can control every single function on your phone through your computer. For example, you can open various files, install or delete applications, make phone calls, send messages etc.

There is another built-in feature in this app which pushes all the notifications of your phone to your PC. So do not worry if your phone is away; you will be receiving all of the notifications using your PC. In fact, you can also respond to some of those notifications with just a single click. Can there be anything more awesome as compared to this?

Phone Mirroring

You will be astonished to know that Mobizen Android APK allows you a chance to mirror your phone’s screen on to other devices. All you need to do is to link your phone with those devices through a Wi-Fi network or any other form of internet connection. Once done, you have the chance to view various videos on your PC by playing them directly from your phone. This way, you do not have to actually copy the videos to the PC, you just need to stream it using your phone. You can also play your favorite game on your phone and view your performance on the large screen of your PC. This will surely add to your valuable experience. You will be glad to know that you can also connect your PC to your large TV screen in order to stream videos directly to it. There can surely not be a better feature than this one.

Transfer files to PC with ease

Most of the people find it difficult to transfer files to their PC from their phone. This is because it is difficult to search for individual files in your Android device using your PC. However, using this application, you can now transfer all of the files in your phone to your PC by simply dragging the files which you wish to send. For example if your wish to transfer a video or a picture, you just need to drag it to the transfer region and the transfer will be done. In fact, this APK also provides you a chance to transfer complete folders all at once, saving you from the trouble of sending every single file one by one.

If you are actually intrigued by the mesmerizing features offered by this APK, do not waste another moment and download it on your device instantly.

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