Download Line Play for PC/ Line Play on PC

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Do you find it awkward to socialise with some people you just met? There are countless apps that let you make instant connections without giving you anymore a difficult time. LINE PLAY –Your Avatar World by Line Corporation lets you discover your own special place in the digital planet. It also helps you create your own avatar that basically looks like you in real life. You can dress it up and change its hairstyle all you want and get amazing items throughout the game.

Download Line Play for PC/ Line Play on PC

Line Play: Playin’ the role of your alternative self

Download Line Play on PC and stay on the game even while doing other things in between. Hang out with your online friends and never miss out the party ever again.

  • One easy -step. Use the same account on your mobile by simply signing in to Google Play
  • Use multiple apps in the background. Also get access with your Twitter, Facebook and LINE account
  • New Friends and Neighbours. Meet the hottest celebs and characters just like Rilakkuma, Snoopy, Hello Kitty, PSY, MIKA, Paul McCartney, Katy Perry among many others
  • Picture perfect. Get your profile picture created at LINE Play for a picture-perfect avatar. Just take a selfie of yourself and the app will come up with the closest resemblance to your facial features
  • Customise. Choose from the wide selection of noses, mouths, ears and eyes! You can also create an avatar of your favourite animal and change its tail
  • Lots of items. Create your own digital home straight from the LINE app and decorate your pool, garden and bedroom with the endless supply of amazing goodies.
  • Live your fantasy. Dress up your avatar with the latest trend in fashion and hairstyle or turn yourself into a royal overnight! Line Play is ideal for kids and grownups whether you’re a male or a female so hop in and join the FUN!
  • Mingle and be socially connected! LINE play lets you meet, make friends and share in the social media. Featuring the Lounge and the Square where you can rendezvous and chat privately with your friends! Line play integrates your contact list and automatically includes your friends who downloaded the app.
  • Special features. Enjoy the chat feature with so many ways to express your words and feelings! Jot down your thoughts in your very own Line Play Diary and post pictures to share with everybody.
  • In Between Work and Play. Use Line Play on PC and play all the exclusive games for FREE!

New update!

  • Fixed the minor Log-in error on some devices
  • Slight enhancements
  • New improved shop design
  • Improved user performance at the Square

More than just a cute face

There are many adorable games with cute looking kawaii characters over the Internet. Yet most of these games have no replay value because it’s rendered exclusively to just one language. Because of this, we can’t seem to explore the rest of what it has to offer. For that, no matter how colourful they seem to appear, they too can also become dull over time. What sets Line Play apart from other kawaii-themed mobile games is that it’s very universal (in terms of language support). People from all over the world can play the games while also helping them stay connected with their friends and family.

Get more out of the game

Playing Line Play on PC opens your eyes to another world where everything looks lovelier than what you have seen before. You will be exploring the beautiful places with the much bigger and better viewing capacity of your computer screen. Aside from the fact that the game is exciting to play, you can also do other things in between now that a much-powerful device backs up the game.

What makes LINE Play so compelling to their audience?

The kawaii Japanese cartoon models that look so sweet and charming (whether for a girl or a boy) inspire the LINE Play characters. In fact, the game is aptly described as “Your avatar world” at the Play Store, and we also think no other label sound better than this. If you want to express more of yourself without using your own name or picture, you can use Line Play to do all just that! Although of course, you will be using your own selfie to allow the app to create your very own customised avatar. In which, the facial features and hairstyle is still a cartoon version of yourself after all. Perhaps all your fantasies will finally come true because guess what? You can have your male/ female version as well or turn your picture into an animal instead.

The heart of it all

Having your hand at adorning the walls and empty spaces is also a swell feature. You can have your dream house in here or take your inspirations from the famous celebs and take it easy. There are already furniture packages you can avail that go with the theme you adore to spare you out of trouble. Yet what makes it more exciting is to be able to visit ones places and also get visitors to your house (like in real life). When friends stop by, you can chat and show them around your house, which makes the game more personal.

I see you, you see me.

This is great for those who have friends and family living far away because they can have an instant connection just by using this app. You will also find it quite amusing to be able to use ones bathroom, bedroom and kitchen all you want. If that’s not enough, you can snoop over his/ her diary and leave a comment under the journal entries and pictures they have posted inside. It’s all in the name of fun anyway. But it taps to the inner personality of each person and freedom of expressing ones thoughts to the whole world.

Fun never ends

People looking for an outlet will find LINE Play on PC a good game to start with. You can go out to places without leaving right where you are. Which is good when you’re always busy with work and oftentimes attached to your computer all day. If you have this game running in your mobile device, you don’t have to worry about losing your account or going back to square one. What you will get here is the same mobile application running in your PC. Read on below to know more.

Why use Andy OS for your mobile applications?

Andy breaks down the barrier that prevents you from using Android apps to your computer. The varying operating system of Windows, Apple and Android OS now has a solution with this very unique emulating software. Andy is fully equipped with Android User Interface and supports Windows 7/8 and Mac OSX. Finally, you can already sync your mobile apps and run the same from your desktop computer.

Stay connected with your friends at LINE Play

  • Full Android User Interface. Virtually explore your Android devices interface in a much larger playing field and experience the game like never before!
  • Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 capability. Andy works with any desktop browser and links everything straight to the open software application.
  • Run apps from PC. Brings all your frequently used apps for entertainment, gaming and communication in one place
  • OpenGL Hardware, ARM and X86 native apps capable. Andy OS is the most dynamic mobile-desktop emulator in the industry.

Enjoy your devices awesome features

  • Multi-touch control support. Take the game anywhere and stay in control with your touchscreen device!
  • Playstation/Xbox Controller. Good news! The standalone application already supports your favourite game console controller
  • Keyboard Mapper. Desktop gamers can enjoy the real PC experience with their favourite Android apps.
  • Use Phone as Joystick. Just get the separate application for this feature for a one-of-a-kind in experience mobile-desktop gaming
  • Integrated Sensors. Works simultaneously with your handset device

Get things done in a matter of time

  • Cloud Save (Android). Get unlimited storage so you no longer need to get rid of some other applications in your device.
  • Accessible Local File System (Android). Using your favourite mobile utility applications is made more convenient with this feature.
  • Integrated Camera and Microphone. Do more with applications with the built-in microphone and camera support. (Ideal for your camera utility apps, video messaging apps and social media applications).
  • App sync to Mobile. All the saved settings, progress, purchases are synced to your mobile whenever you need to access them all over again.
  • Google Play Store. Just use your Google Play Store account for all the apps available.

Always get the hottest news!

  • Developers Facebook support. Got any questions? Connect via Facebook and get real-time support from the technical team.
  • Desktop Push Notifications. The push notifications are sent to your device whether on PC or mobile device
  • Improved Battery performance. Launching your mobile apps on PC can give your smartphone enough power for something more important!

You’re missing a lot of wonderful LINE moments if you still don’t have Line Play installed in your computer and mobile device. Get it now with these instructions.

How to Download Line Play for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Line Play download.

Step 5: Find Line Play and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Line Play on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Line Play on PC!!!

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