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Do you wish to play a part for the better future of this world? Do you wish to unleash the sources of energy hidden deep inside the world? Do you want to be the first one to bring an amazing transformation to the world in order to change everything? Ingress Android APK provides you this unique and rare opportunity to bring your dreams to life. Use the real world map and travel to different places in this game in search of various sources of energy. This game is surely no less than reality. By just sitting at your home, get the chance to visiting different places in the world in order to perform your mission. Are you ready to be a part of this mysterious yet astonishing journey?

How the game works?

It is extremely significant to understand the working of this game before you start playing it, in order to get rid of any confusions or doubts. This game features a real world map which is updated on a regular basis. GPS on your phone is used to identify your current location. The main purpose in this game is to find those places where a unique form of energy is being created. Scientists in different parts of the world have come to a conclusion that there is a new form of energy evolving in the world, which will change the whole dynamics of Earth. Your responsibility is to find the places where this energy is evolving. However, there are two different teams in this game and you can choose to be a part of any of these two teams:

  1. The enlightened: The main purpose of people in this team is to find and develop the sources of such energy. These people are the supporters of this new form of energy.
  2. The resistance: These peoples are the ones who resist this change. Their main aim is to destroy these sources of energy in order to preserve the human race.

You need to make sure that no matter which team you choose, you are able to complete your objective before your opponents do! So do not wait anymore and download this APK immediately in order to save the world!

Download Ingress Android APK

Develop your strategy

By now you must have figured out that this is a purely strategic game. You need to devise an amazing strategy in this game to make sure that you your aim is accomplished. You should track the progress of players all around the world to see how much they have progressed. This will also let you know whether people are on your side or against you. You then need to plan your own steps before you start your mission. This planning is very important in order to progress in an organized manner. Make sure that you have your ultimate aim in mind. Mistakes while playing this game could lead to heavy losses. Moreover, you also have the chance to communicate with other players in this game. This will enable you to plan your further steps and get ready for your mission.

Form Alliances

It cannot be argued that groups of people working towards a cause tend to perform better as compared to individual people. This is the reason why you have been given a chance to form alliances with other players in this game. In fact, you will need to ensure that various cities as well as neighborhoods also cooperate with each other and form alliances in order to work towards a common cause. Always remember that the more people you have on your team, the greater will be your chance of achieving the ultimate victory.

Mesmerizing graphics

One of the reasons for the ultimate success of Ingress Android APK is that it provides the user with amazing graphics. Who could know that an APK of such a small size could have such good graphics? These graphics enable you to get the best out of this experience. You can easily visualize and find various sources of energy due to the clear animations used. The map has been created in the best possible way to ensure that you are able to find various regions and move from one region to the next with ease.

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