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If you love action packed multiplayer game that will give your great gaming experience then you should consider downloading Walking war robots for PC. This is one of the best multiplayer games played by 6 vs 6 groups for real time battles in the gaming world. Just go ahead and join Metal Warriors Ranks through this game and you will enjoy wonderful gaming experience at the end of the day. It worth the download for those that want something newly released and loves to play with robots in the multiplayer combats. You will not need to spend your real money for you to download this game into your PC as it is offered completely free to all gamers in the world. All you need to do is to select combatants that will make up your team to battle against the opposition team that will challenge you people in this game. Being a new game just released in to the gaming world it has lots of tech improved features and the development of most of the features is still ongoing.

Download Walking War Robots for PC - Walking War Robots on PC

The Walking War Robots Is the Game That Work Well On Your PC and Mobile Device

It is interesting for you to know that you can download this amazing and thrilling game into different kinds of devices including Android, iOS and even PC. Before now this game was designed for only android users to be played as a mobile supporting game but now it is equally available on PC. So, you can go ahead and download it into your PC and stand chance of enjoying improved resolutions and graphics quality. It is a war involving robots and each team is expected to select their own combatants that will be able to defend them and ensure they emerge victorious in the battle against other group.

Go Ahead and Select the People That Will Form Your Team in the Walking War Robots on PC

Being a multiplayer group battle you are expected to select the combatants that will form your team. The strength of your team members will determine your chances of defending the team and winning other opponents that will fight against you at any point in time. Another thing is that the battle robots are known to possess different fighting ability and strength. That means you must consider the power of the robot combatant you want to select to wage war against other group through this game. There are some secretes you need to know if you must win Walking War Robots for PC. You must always provide your team with the weapons and the enabling environments they need to fight against the opponents with full strength and ability so as to win over the opponents in battle.

This Is the Time of War and You Should Make Sure That Your Pilot Is Ready For Attack

The war is about to start and you have to ensure that your pilot is alerted to take charge and get ready to launch attack on the enemies with full force. Make sure that your pilot has what it takes to launch surprise attack on the enemy. Also, teach the combatants some intricate tactical maneuver ability and other sneaky tricks that will make it easy for you to take the enemy by surprise and ensure victory over them. To ensure complete defeat over your enemy try as much as possible to capture their robots and destroy them. Also, go ahead and apprehend the beacons which will help you to take over the war against your enemies and come out victorious in all round. It is an interesting game to play even with lots of challenges in fighting against the enemies and using most sophisticated robotic weapons to launch surprising attack on the enemies.

Upgrade Your Team Weapons to Enhance the Combatant Strength and Ability

One of the things you must do for you to stand chance of defeating the enemy by destroying their robots and taken over the war is to upgrade your team’s weapons. The more sophisticated your weapon the higher your chance to defeat your enemies. That is the reason why you have to upgrade your weapon to increase the combatant’s strength, speed in fight against other robots as well as long lasting while launching attack on the enemies. Your robots are waiting for your command in order to showcase their fighting ability the completely defeat the enemies. So, you should be ready to control your fighting robots in this game in a perfect and surprising way to your enemies.

Select from the List of 18 Battles Robots with Different Strength through Walking War Robots for PC

While selecting your battle robots you must know that each of the robots is made with unique power. There are 18 of them with different fighting ability and strength. So, to make is it easy for your group to win the war you have to select only the battle robots that have more fighting ability and durability in fight against other battle robots. Your success and failure in fighting against the other team will be largely determined by the strength of the battle robots you selected for your team. So, you must work really hard to ensure you get most vibrant and durable battle robots while competing against other teams in walking war robots on PC.

Use Different Tricks to Emerge a Winner in Walking War Robots on PC

This is a game of battle and sneaky tricks. You must know the right trick to use on your opponent in order to win in the battle using your battle robots. There are variety of fighting strategies and tricks you can employ to bring the enemies on their knees in surrender to your team. Just make sure you prove yourself on each of the maps and device some surprising tricks while launching attack on your enemies through this game. Your particular playing style is important when you want to create war machine as you need to model after your style to increase your chance of defeating the enemies completely in the game. Showcase your tricky and sneaky combatant ability and you will stand chance of winning all the groups competing with you on this game.

Provide Your Team with Enough Weapons to Combat the Enemies in War

After selecting good and vibrant battle robots another thing you need to do is to provide the combatants with modern and highly innovative weapons. You need to make use of tech improved war machines that will put your enemies in total confusion when you launch attack on them in battle.  You will have chance of selecting the best fighting robots and providing them with best weapons selected from more than 20 different weapons on the game. That will make your team undefeatable when faced with other fighting teams in battle.

Create Your Unique Clan and Lead Them to Real War in Walking War Robot for PC

You have enough weapons and good battle robots you need to create your particular clan that will fight for you. Lead the clan to war against other groups to see how easy or tough it will be for you to completely wipe away the enemies in the battle field. Your clans should be provided with weapons like Plasma guns, ballistic missiles and others. In fact, there are lots of things to enjoy in this wonderful and well improved walking war robots on PC. Attack the enemies from front and to back to ensure you defeat them completely without losing much of your weapons and bullets. Really, this is the right game for all real robots lovers that want real battle game.

The Major Features Associated with Walking War Robots on PC

There are lots of improved features associated with this game which made it good fighting and battle game.  Among the features include:

  • There are more than 18 different battle robots with different fighting abilities
  • Above 20 types of weapons like ballistic missiles and others
  • Different robots possible combinations as well as weapons
  • Superior war machines to fit your fighting style
  • Chose the battle robots to build your own clan and lead them to war against others
  • Entire military tasks available for bonuses to get superior pilot title
  • Play with friends for real battles in the gaming world
  • And others.

Follow Simple Steps Here to Download Walking War Robots for PC

If you want to download this improved and wonderful game the steps are just simple and easy. The developers have taken their time to put together some easy download tips for this wonderful game which you need to leverage. Follow the steps offered on this site and you will have this game on your PC within the shortest of your time. You will for sure be happy that you downloaded this game after playing it for some time. But know that the Walking War Robots on PC is highly addictive and take all your time.

How to Download Walking War Robots for Your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Walking War Robots download.

Step5:  Find Walking War Robots and start the installation.

Step6: Launch the game and you can now play Walking War Robots on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step7: You can also install remote control app from here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support.


Enjoy Playing Walking War Robots on PC!!!


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