Download Hill Climb Racing APK Android

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Are you ready to begin a memorable journey to the top of the hills filled with challenges and obstacles? With loads of bumps, gaps and curves in between, your aim is to cross these hills and finally reach the top. Do you think you have got the potential to do that? Hill Climb Racing Android APK brings to you an amazing combination of racing and strategy in order to provide you with an amazing experience. You will be amazed to witness the realistic physics effects incorporated into this game which tend to provide you a realistic and real-life experience. So play this game and enjoy as much as you can with a variety of vehicles! You just need to download the APK for this game and install it in your phone or tablet in order to start playing it.

Download Hill Climb Racing APK Android

How the game works?

The controls of this game are pretty simple. Your aim is to complete each level by making sure that you get to its end without falling or crashing into anything. In order to move the vehicle forward, you need to press the button which appears on the bottom right of the screen. Similarly, the button on the bottom left of the screen enables you to apply the brakes. In order to tilt your vehicle in order to make sure that its balance is maintained, you simply need to tilt your device. However, you should first get comfortable with tilting your device to make sure that you are able to maintain the balance. Once you have get accustomed with the controls of this game, you can then start playing it. Just avoid all the obstacles which you find in your way and strive to maintain your balance. The more levels you clear, the greater score you get. Sounds intriguing? Well, it surely is quite interesting to play. You must give it a try.

Get lots of vehicles

Unlike other games, this one provides you the facility to choose from a variety of vehicles in order to play the game. Yes, there are loads of vehicles for you in this device including bikes, cars, jeeps, trucks, tanks etc. You can easily choose the vehicle which you like playing with. However, keep in mind that each of the vehicle will come associated with a unique set of features for you. Moreover, they will be of different weights and sizes which means that you will need to get accustomed to balancing each vehicle before you start playing with it.

Perform upgrades

This game realizes the significance of performing upgrades to improve the performance of your vehicles. These upgrades will tend to improve individual parts of your vehicle to make it work better. Some of the upgrades include:

  • Engine upgrades to improve the performance of the vehicle’s engine. You can get a bigger engine to ensure that the vehicle is able to climb the hill with more thrust.
  • Upgrade you vehicle’s tires. It is comparatively easier to climb the hills with larger tires.
  • Upgrade the suspensions used in your vehicles.

Once you have performed a couple of upgrades, your chances of winning this game will increase. However, always keep in mind that you will only be able to perform upgrades if you have sufficient amount of coins, which you can earn by winning more and more levels.

Lots of levels

There are a number of regions in which you will have the chance to race. Each region will comprise of its unique features, obstacles, backgrounds etc. Moreover, every region will also have a fixed number of levels. Once you are able to clear one region, you will be able to unlock the next one. Some of the regions where you might have to race include:

  • Desert
  • Countryside
  • Moon
  • Arctic

The regions surely seem to be very exciting. However, you will only get to know what they actually entail once your install this APK in your device.

Cool graphics

Hill Climb Racing Android APK comes incorporated with amazing graphics which add to your valuable experience. The realistic vehicles and animations surely tend to provide you with a realistic experience. The physics engine has also been perfectly included in this game to provide realistic effects. What else could one possible want?

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