Download Hike Messenger APK Android

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There are a lot of messengers offered in the Android store. You can choose any of those messengers which you like. However, it cannot be argued that none of those messengers actually provide you that mesmerizing experience which Hike messenger does! Hike Android APK is one of the best messengers in the world which provide you an amazing platform to communicate and talk with people from all over the world. All you need to have is a good internet connection in order to access the facilities of this amazing app. There are loads of messaging features which you can utilize to stay connected to your peers. Let us discuss the fantabulous features offered by this APK and see what has it got for us.

Download Hike Messenger APK Android


One of the main factors which this application stresses on is privacy. It tends to provide you with the best privacy because it understands the significance of keeping your information safe. Yes, with this app, you will never have to bear any stalker or any unwanted person who wishes to get into your life with force. There are loads of privacy settings in this app which enable you to control who can see your private info. If you do not feel like sharing your information with any person, then you can simply set privacy to ensure that no one can see your status, profile picture or anything else on your profile. The main aim of Hike messenger is to keep you safe at all times.

Activate the hidden mode

Have you been in one of those situations where your friends get hold of your phone and start reading your private chats? Well, then that is not going to happen anymore. This application offers you a hidden mode where you can store all of your private apps. Chats saved in this hidden mode will not be accessible to any other person except you. In order to access these chats, you will be merely required to enter a password. It is amazing right? So now keep all of your private chats protected with a password! Surely, this APK has a lot in store for you.

Share all types of files

Do you know about any other messenger which allows you to share files of all type of format? Well, this application allows you to share files of a lot of formats include zip, rar, PDF, Doc, APK and many others. This eliminates the need to have a special email application in order to send such files to other people. However, you should make sure that the files which you are sharing do not have any virus in them, since the virus will be sent to the person who opens infected files. So now you can create documents on your phone and easily share them with people using this app.

Share large media files

You can send large media files including pictures and videos using this messenger and share them with your friends. However, you will be simply amazed to know that you can share files of up to 100 Mega Bytes on Hike Android messenger! Most other messengers cut down the size of pictures or videos while sending them in order to reduce their size. However, this is not the case with this app. You can share as much large files with the help of this APK as you want. This app surely provides you a valuable and amazing experience with the help of its unique and admirable features.

Chat offline

Did you know that you can use this app to chat with your friends and send them messages even if they are offline? Yes, this messenger finds out whether your friend is online or offline. You he is offline, then your text is sent as a normal message on their devices. However, the best part is yet to come. You will be glad to know that this feature is for free! You will not be charged for any offline message which you send. This ought to make your believe that this messenger’s main aim is to ensure that you have a memorable experience using this application. So what are your waiting for? Download it on your phone before you lose any further moments without using this fantastic app.

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