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One can only assume that you’re thinking Green when you’re reading this. But besides that, we all go down the same road with the same dilemma when handling important tasks and then suddenly the phone goes ‘dead’. After all, where on earth can we find that one device that does it all and has the battery life that would last till tomorrow? Probably there’s none but good thing we’ve found the answer to this difficult situation.

Keep your cool

We all have that issue with drained batteries and apps that unwittingly drains it down whenever left off to pick up later. Greenify works wonders on your Android device as utility software. It automatically hibernates your idle applications so that you can save on battery consumption. We all know that not all mobile phone manufacturers have the answer for battery problems. Oftentimes, you only have to resort to reducing the brightness on your screens, or maybe turning off the GPS network and even the Wi-Fi. Do these make any sense at all?

Download Greenify for PC/Greenify on PC

Green development

Prior to this, Greenify only functions on rooted device. As for the latest update, non-rooted Android users can now finally take advantage of the Auto-hibernation feature. With this app, your Android handset should be running smoothly throughout the day. What’s more, it helps you see and turn off the apps that constantly lags your smartphone while at the same time hogs your battery. With all the power saving feature it brings, why not download Greenify for PC to manage your desktop apps? Perhaps this will also give you the ultimate desktop experience.

Sustainable performance

‘Greenified’ applications are still functional when you tap on them. It’s only when the phone is on standby mode that they are considered as such. If you need your clock, mail and alarm for instance, all you have to do is uncheck those utilities when you go to ‘SETTINGS’. To make it simpler, just disable it by clicking once and your Android handset will come back to ‘normal’.

Think before going green

It is important to take note that ‘greenifying’ means that some background applications such as push message, updates, alarm, events, tasks and other services won’t be available while hibernating other than the one you’re using at the moment. If you’re not waiting for any message or any reminder, you can otherwise enable it to function at certain applications. However, it is just not advisable to greenify your messaging applications and also the apps that are frequently used. Let’s look at some points to consider.

  • Greenify hibernates when it is placed in the background
  • Visible in the background are the apps that are currently running and are yet to finish
  • Greenify handles all the pending applications when you don’t pick them at considerable period
  • The app does not freeze or kill the tasks at hand. It simply hibernates and you can still use them at any rate
  • Data can still be passed in between apps as if its not hibernating
  • Users can still pick up where they left off. It just relieves you from launching the apps once again as the process drains power and slows all the others down
  • Greenify is designed to require a minimum of 5MB and does not need another service running in the background to allow the auto hibernation mode to function

Building bridges

Pretty soon, phone utilities can do more than just saving your batteries. After using the apps probably you’ve noticed the big difference with regard to the enhanced performance and increased battery life. If you have this app already, you can see from the latest update that the Wake up path cut off does not in any way affect the significant system broadcast. It can be cut off short with the newly delivered content. Greenify is also now compatible with Android 5.1 particularly with the alpha build of Xposed. Nowadays, it’s only essential to back up your mobile applications and settings with your desktop. Running Greenify on PC has the same Android features for an ultimate Android experience.

Nevertheless, when faced with too much tasks on the get-go, you still need to tote along your charger to keep your phone running as long as needed. And though there are plenty of smartphones with bigger batteries, it’s still always smart to think green than to let your battery indicators turn red!

Hibernation feature

The best feature in this application is hibernation. This feature allows the applications running in background to sleep. This means that all the app open in background will stop consuming power from the processor and will simply stop working. However, in case you need to use that application, you can directly open it and use it right away. This feature has the advantage that the applications running in background are not completely shut down. So if you were doing some work on a particular application, your work will remain safe when the app hibernates and all of the data will be retrieved once you play it again. This feature has the amazing advantage of making your device run much faster. Yes, since less amount of apps will be running in the background, your device will start working faster and will consume less memory. Moreover, the load on battery will also get reduced and you will be able to witness an increased battery life. What else would you possible want? So get ready to use Greenify Android App for PCand cherish the amazing features which it has to offer you.

How to Download Greenify for PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Greenify download.

Step 5: Find Greenify and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Greenify on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS to the installation process, You can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Greenify on PC!!!

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