Download Greenify Android APK

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Have you been in one of those situations where your phone gets stuck for no reason? Do you have to experience the scenario where your phone just heats up and stop functioning? Well, then now you do not have to worry for a single moment. Greenify Android APK is here to get rid of all your problems and issues. This app comes with the basic agenda to make your phone work faster by carrying out a number of operations. The main feature brought forward by this application is the hibernation feature. This application makes your background apps hibernate in order to free up RAM memory, so your phone can work faster. However, this app is not just restricted to this one feature. There are loads of other features which provide you with a better control over the functions of Greenify. So you can decide yourself that which features you wish to keep and which ones do you wish to ignore. It is one of the most widely used applications by people in order to clear up the mess in their phones and once again bring it back to life. You are only one step away to become the owner of this application; download its APK and enjoy its mesmerizing features.

Download Greenify Android APK

Hibernation feature

As mentioned before, the main function of this APK is the hibernation feature. Hibernation is the process in which all of the applications running on your device in background are closed. You might remember opening a lot of applications and then never shutting them down? Well, that allows those applications to function in the background and keep on running even after you have exit that app. However, this hibernation feature will ensure that now all of those apps running in background stop functioning as soon as you exit them. For example, if you are fed up of your email application since it is giving you notifications all the time, you can simply use this feature to make sure that it stops working in background. This process greatly helps your phone by freeing up space which was being used in the RAM. This space can now be allocated to other significant functions which you might wish to perform. Hibernation surely increases the speed of your phone to a considerable extent and ensures that it does not lag ever again. What else does one need?

Clear notifications

You will surely be glad to use this application because of its amazing appearance and cool features. One of the best tasks performed by this app is that it provides clear notifications to the user regarding which apps are running in background at the moment. A screen is displayed which shows exactly how many applications are running and how much memory each of those apps are consuming. This helps you figure out that which app is creating the most trouble in your device. Once you have selected the hibernation feature, you will also be displayed with a screen indicating that how much memory has been freed up due to this function. Impressed enough? Well then try it out by downloading its APK.

Control which app hibernates

One of the underlining functions of Greenify Android app is that it allows you to control which application should hibernate and which application should not. Yes, the app will not simply close all the background applications on its own, it will seek for your permission. There might be some applications which you want to run in the background. For example, you might want that your messaging application keeps running so you get all the notifications regarding messages on time. Well, then you can make sure that your messaging application does not hibernate! As simple as that. Moreover, since the app provides you a chance to view that how much memory is being consumed by each running application, you can select only those apps for hibernation which you think take up a lot of memory. This will help your device function efficiently without having the need to shut down each and every application.

It is important to note that this app can run without the need to root your device. So install this APK in your phone and see what it has got for you.

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