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Do you need Blocky Soccer for PC? Blocky Soccer is a fun game and you can enjoy this game using the ball and it combines the realistic physics with the humorous game play.  To dodge the tackles, you should compete in the matches and to win the international tournament and to hold the nerve in the penalty shootouts to see how many trophies you are able to win.

Blocky Soccer For PC

Blocky Soccer For PC

Blocky Soccer app features

The game has many features which are easy and fun this game, the retro style blocky graphics, many characters and different weather effects and pitches. You are able to compete with friends or relatives and you will have free gifts. To play the game, you can dribble, shoot or run since you will be playing as the striker in a fun or fresh soccer running options.  This is the most fun thing that you may have with the balls and you will be having access to the humorous gameplay and on the realistic physics.  You can dodge, tackle and compete in the matches or win in the international tournaments or you can hold the nerve in the penalty shootouts to know how many trophies you can get.

What to expect while playing Blocky Soccer

When you get to see the Blocky Soccer game for the first time, you may assume that it has nothing more than just being the Crossy Road clone.  However, this game has everything to make it to stand out.  The game will make you to participate into the tournament and they are simple three games which are being played back to back. If you think that you may play the full games of the soccer, then you have to know that this is not the case.  Every soccer match is about watching a ball moving from a goal to another.  When the ball hits the goal, then you are going to get a spin of the roulette and it can be a miss or an opposition score. When the ball hits the other goal, then the scene will change and this means that you are going to attack their goal on your turn.

How to move your character

When you play Blocky Soccer, you are the player who is at the bottom and you have to swipe right or left in order to get rid of the defenders which may be coming to you at the screen. You may also need to have the eye out to the defenders or to tackle from behind since they may appear at a bottom of a screen. However, everything is straightforward but at a certain level, you may have to face a number of the defenders. When you had dodged the tackles which come at a random number, you may need also to take the shot.  

The controls in the Blocky Soccer app

When you find yourself before a goal, you will have two arrows that wave from the right to the left and they will be placed in front of you. When you shoot at the goal, it will consist of two taps and the first tap is going to stop arrow against swinging. When you have done this, the arrow will start to fill up to show the level you can use to punt a ball. You can tap a screen in order to stop it against being filled up and to take a shot.

Take as many keys as you are able to

When you are lucky, you may find the key in your goal. When a ball hits this key, then the key will be yours.  You may also get the keys if you win the tournaments. When you have the keys, they are going to unlock the new kits and a new stadium where you can play.  However, the kits may not be too interesting.  They are quite cool since they can play as the animals or they may be something even weird. However, they will bring something different from the model that you had been watching before.

Blocky Soccer’s game play

In the game, you are the player and you have to be against the teams that are trying to score against you.  When you are playing the game, you may have to get around the defenders in the game found in this field. At this same time, you may aim or kick the opposition goal or to make the score point.  What you are going to do is to make too much score and they will lead to you to the victories where you will be able to win the trophy.  To be able to go past the defenders, you have to swipe from one side to a new one so that you may change the lanes.  You may try outpacing defenders and the lanes may also change. You have to tap at the screen in order to scoot forwards and then run past the defenders before they may change in the lane.  When running past the defenders, you have already beaten them.  You only have to swipe when you are near the defender and you may keep applying the same technique in order to beat a new defender up to the next field.

How to win with Blocky Soccer for pc

When you have got near the goal, you have to ensure that you aimed at the kick first.   You have to be aware of the power needed to use in hitting the goal.  You only have to aim and kick past a defender and a goalie. You should never use much power or the ball can knock over a goal.  However, when you do not have too much power in order to make the shot, a goalie may dive or may stop such ball.  While playing, you have also to learn how you can defend the territory against opponents. You should try to reroll so that you may stop a goal.  When you kick a goal, you have to ensure that you hit a ball and the key that will be sitting within a goal. When you get three keys, you may be able to open three lockers. When you get at least three matching uniforms, you can get the new character. If you want to get a new locker opened, you may have to watch the ad video.

The basics of Blocky Soccer

Blocky Soccer is the sports arcade game and you only have to do two things with it, you may take the shots or dribble on the goal. If you do not have to make the play, you will have to watch a clock with the possession of a ball. It is easy to dribble using only the finger from a side to another side. There are times that you may have to pass over nine opponents and when you had passed them, it is a time that you will learn the truth. In order to take the shot goal, you can tap at the screen in order to aim or to determine the force to use for the goal. However, you should not kick harder.  When you win a match, you may advance in a tournament and you may always start out in a quarterfinal. When you win, you can move at semi finals and a new victory will then take you to join the finals. Every game is even more difficult compared to the last one. Blocky Soccer is the entertaining game and it has really fun elements and there are the frustrating ones. The example is a situation when you can play a defense and the other team may make a goal and this is something that happens at a random.

The origins of Blocky Soccer

The Blocky Soccer is the game which is developed by the Full Fat Company based in United Kingdom.  The Blocky Soccer is a sport game and it has new mechanics for dribbling, running with the balls and shooting of the soccer striker.  In the past, many people had enjoyed the blocky series of the games.  The game was developed by the fans of soccer and they can bring the blocky brand to the sports that the people like. It is fun when it comes to the prototyping, jockeying and dribbling or distilling the fun in the bite sized and accessible formula.  

How to deal with defense

The best way to enjoy the game is to trick the defenders in order to elude the defenders and this is done from the side to another shift lane while another way may be to move faster making sure that you are faster compared to a defense you are against to and you can beat them by changing the lanes. When you had been able to run over the defender, you can be able to beat them so it is good to tap at the screen at once so that you may go to the full-blast and you may tap at the shift at the lane.

Deal with only one defender at a time

While playing, make sure that you are only focusing on one defender at the time. This means that you have to start with the one who is closer to you. When other defenders are not near you, you may not have to worry about anything. You may swipe and tap in order to beat a defender and you may repeat this process when you meet other defenders.

How to Download Blocky Soccer for your PC:

 Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Blocky Soccer download.

Step 5: Find Blocky Soccer and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Sky Streaker on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support


Enjoy Playing Blocky Soccer on PC!!!


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