Download Go Keyboard Android APK

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You must be fed up of using the default keyboard in your device. What irritates one most is the fact that one is not allowed to change the appearance of the default keyboard in the device. Everyone likes a change, for sure. Go Keyboard Android APK realizes the significance of this problem and brings to you an amazing and unique chance to change the layout and theme of the keyboard in your device. This not only improves the overall look of your device, it also enables you to customize a number of features for your keyboard. It does not matter which phone you have, this APK is compatible with almost all the devices out there. All you need to do is to download the APK and install it in your device in order to enjoy the features offered by it.

How to set this keyboard as default?

It is important to note that your work will not be done by just installing this application on your device. You will have to change some settings to set it as the default keyboard. In order to do this, simply go to the keyboard settings and change the default keyboard to Go Keyboard. Once done, this application’s keyboard will become your default keyboard. You can then change the settings of this keyboard easily in order to make sure that it works exactly according to your requirement.

Download Go Keyboard Android APK

Thousands of themes

Did you know that you can get access to thousands of different themes for your keyboard with the help of this application? Yes, it surely sounds crazy, but it is true. There are some themes already included in the application once you install it in your device. However, there are loads of other themes as well which you can easily download from the internet. By changing a theme, you can basically control the following features of your keyboard:

  • You can change the color of your keyboard
  • You can amend the layout of your keyboard
  • You can change the font of text which appears on your keyboard
  • You can also change the effects on your keyboard

So simply download the theme which you like the most and install it using this application to get the best experience ever.

Auto correction

After installing this app on your device, you will not need to have a look at whether you are typing anything properly or not. Yes, you will not have to care about any mistakes you make. This is because of the auto-correction feature which is available in this application. This feature automatically corrects the words which you have typed wrong. In addition to this, it is also able to automatically add full stops and commas to make your sentences proper. Most importantly, this application can learn what words you type the most and then provide you with suggestions. So now you do not need to provide a complete word; as soon as you start typing the word you will be given a number of suggestions from which you can select the word which you were going to type. There could not be a better feature than this one.

Emoji emoticons

Go Keyboard Android APK comes with built-in emoji emoticons, which tend to make your conversations interesting. You can add these emoticons in your messages to express your feelings to other people. These emoticons are able to express those feelings which words cannot. Moreover, they also look cute and are adored by people. However, it is important that both of the people having a conversation must have emoji installed in their device.

Support for lots of languages

How many languages do you think your default keyboard application supports? Surely, not more than 10. However, this amazing application provides you a chance to use over 70 different languages! Yes, no matter from which area or country you belong, you can still use this application because it will surely know the language which you use. So now write text messages in your favorite application.

There are loads of other features as well which you will get entitled to after installing this application. So do not wait any more and download this APK right away to get benefit from its features.

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