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Does a glow in the dark hockey game appeal to you? Glow Hockey is an app for mobile, which can actually give that! The neon lights are quite hallucinating as if you’re seeing something else! But that’s just how to describe it. Nevertheless, Glow Hockey brings amusement to anyone particularly if you play it by two’s. And so there’s no better way to do that but to download Glow Hockey for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac. The larger screen gives enough view for both players to take charge of the action. With the emulating software like Andy, you and the other player can make use of your smartphones as joysticks! Now that’s cool isn’t it? You don’t have to be a virtuoso hockey player and figure out what Hat trick, deke, freezing the puck and face-off means in the name of a hockey game! Just a skilled finger will do the trick plus a bit of quick response!

At the blue lines

Andy is supported with integrated sensors and multi-touch features of your handheld gadget. That is why you get the similar touch screen advantage from most mobile devices. When you play Glow Hockey, you usually drag the stick to hit. Thus, it is never compromised when you have it to your desktop! What’s more, you can get up to the minute software updates through Google Play when you sync your favourite apps with multiple system protocols to boot! The cloud storage even keeps the score and achievements saved. There is so much to be grateful for Andy’s breakthrough in mobile computing emulation technology. When you download Glow Hockey for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac, you get to take advantage of virtual optimization at its finest. With just an upgraded graphic card, you can finally enjoy the vibrant glowing colours in Full High Definition! For a bit of some Hockey tips, did you know that the blue lines measures about sixty feet far in distance from each goals?

glow hockey for pc


Suppose you have mastered the techniques playing Glow Hockey, you can take on the championship challenge mode. This will open opportunities for you to defy other computer-simulated players that are programmed to give you a hard time! Can’t defeat the computer? Try calling a real human player to come over your place and play Glow Hockey with you. You can sync your messaging apps to your desktop for total control of your virtual and social life. Contact your best buddy through Viber and play the multiplayer mode when you download Glow Hockey for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac. Did you know that butt-ending is considered an offense and can get you into penalty when playing the real Hockey?


Glow Hockey is an ideal game for all ages even for little kids. It enhances their alertness level since it is based on responsiveness to begin with. Your choice for pucks and paddles make it more exciting, not to mention the physics is kind of persuasive. The sound effect mimics that of a breaking glass can be quite amusing! Of course, the neon glow factor shines above the rest. If you still don’t have it on your desktop, download Glow Hockey for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac and challenge yourself playing against the 4 pre-programmed difficult levels or with your best friend! A one-timer in Hockey simply means directly shooting the puck!

Goal line

Andy app emulator breaks down the walls that’s been dividing between you and your friends with different devices. You can now play the same game even if he’s using a Mac and you’re using a Windows. Andy is fully supported with Android UI, Mac OSX and Win 7/8 open operating system. It is fairly easy to install, and when it’s finally finished, you can sign in with your account from Google and start the procedure with 1ClickSync being provided. After which, you can use your tablet or smartphone seamlessly running all your apps to your computer. Andy emulator is supported with features like OpenGL hardware, X86 native apps and ARM. So far, it is the most ideal alternative to .EXE installation packages. Follow the simple steps below to start using Andy today:


Step 1:  Download and install Andy. Make sure that the Virtualization is enables in the BIOS settings and also make sure that your PC has the latest video drivers installed. One can have a look at the handy guide on how to proceed here and also a Facebook support group in cases where more help is needed.

Step 2: Open Andy and complete the signup procedure and in case the user has a Google account, the same can be used.

Step 3: Open Google Play and search for Glow Hockey and install it by following the instructions.

Step 4: Once installed, the Glow Hockey application is ready to use and the user can now avail all the attractive features of this application from the PC.


Enjoy playing Glow Hockey on PC!!!!


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