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How many features do you think your Android device has? Well, surely loads of features. What if you get to know that there are loads of many other features in your device which can be unleashed by installing certain tools? Well, Busybox Android APK is one of the best and most useful applications which you must try if your phone is rooted. It is important to note that the phone must be rooted before you can make use of this application. You can get to know about the procedure for rooting online on any website. However, once you have rooted your device, you will surely get entitled to the amazing benefits which are available for you in the application. In addition to this, you will also be able to make changes to the default settings of your device, which would not have been possible otherwise. You should, however, always keep in mind that this application can surely control a lot of features of your device and you should be well aware about what you are doing before you use this APK. Let us have a deep look at Busybox and the features which come associated with it.

What is the aim of this application?

The primary aim of this application is to provide you with a lot of Unix tools in the form of a single application, which you can then use easily on your android device. All you need to do it to install the APK file on your android device and get access to all the Unix features on it. This application has been specifically designed for those embedded systems which have very little features of their own. The features of those applications can be easily enhanced using the amazing tools which are provided by Busybox.

Download Busybox Android APK


You will be amazed to know that this application can be customized to provide you over 100 different utilities available in Single Unix specialization toolbox. There are a lot of features and applications which can be further installed once this APK is running on your device. Moreover, it is quite simple to write commands on the interface of this application. All you need to do it to type the name of the function which you need to access in front of the name of this application. Doing so will directly launch the function which you are looking for. What else would one want?

You should keep in mind that this APK is for advanced users who have a considerable knowledge of Unix systems and know how they can incorporate these features into Android devices. There is a long list of functions which can be performed using this application, which you will get to know once you have installed this application on your device.

Easy-to-use interface

One of the best and most amazing features about this amazing application is that it comes with a quite simple and easy-to-use interface. This interface makes most of the functions quite simple for the user. For example, you now do not need to type in specialized commands; you merely need to press the required buttons and your job will be done. Can anything be simpler than this? Furthermore, it is quite easy to navigate from one screen to another and by merely pressing a number of buttons. The functions in this application have also been arranged in an organized manner, which make it quite easy for you to find various features and use them for your own purpose. The application is also of a pretty small size, which means that you will not have to bear any lags in between and the response will be as quick as possible.

Further features offered by this application

In addition to the basic features which are being offered by this application, there are also many other features which tend add a touch of perfection to your experience. These features include:

  • You have now access to the backup feature for safer installs.
  • You can also get access to the uninstall feature.
  • You can choose the applets you want individually.
  • There is automatic safety checking for all the essential missing applets.
  • The latest version comes with a much better support for your convenience.
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