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Have you heard the latest buzz around town? World Chef for Android could be your most challenging kitchen-themed game yet. If you love learning new kitchen recipes and playing strategic games, we think we have found all these ingredients in one mobile game.

World Chef: Get ready to put a bib on

Get the chance to cook Inter-continental cuisines while having a swell time decorating your own resto. In this game, you only have keep the customers coming in and soon you’ll dominate the beach club. The mouth-watering mobile game is now downloadable on PC. Download a FREE copy of World Chef for PC.

  • Expandable dining establishment
  • Every dish deserves a shot
  • Lure A-listers to wine and dine
  • Become rich and famous celebrity chef

A quick look at the main menu

New update includes more mouth-watering recipes to discover plus a chance to open the Academy. Train your own chefs the latest techniques for cooking to come up with the most sumptuous dish ever.

  • Basic ingredients include raw meat, fresh vegetables and wheat flour
  • Observe the icons that appear above the customer profile
  • An exclamation mark represents wanting to make an order
  • A check mark represents the dish is ready
  • A coin represents the customer is ready to for billing
  • Tap the Head Chef’s icon for some help or to easily monitor your tasks
  • Use gems (Diamonds) to speed up the cooking time

Serve food from the stove

You won’t be running a fast food joint around here. When playing World Chef on PC, you have to know the essence of slow cook recipes. It’s the only way to please the most discriminating client.

  • Build, customise and manage your own restaurant
  • Master every recipe to suit everyone’s taste perfectly
  • Serve only the finest recipes with the choicest ingredients
  • Clients across the world will be waiting to have their tables and seats ready
  • Trade secret recipes with other chefs around the world
  • In- App Purchases are also available

Download World Chef for PC/World Chef on PC

Make time for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Building your own fine-dining restaurant entails a lot of patience and waiting. Initially, you’re going to start on experimenting with few simple dishes. Your restaurant will grow eventually with the surfacing demand for more new recipes. On that regard, you have to be cooking round the clock and should maximise the time while you’re in the kitchen.

  • Begin by preparing quick minute recipes like buns and burger patties (á la mode maybe)
  • Login regularly to collect your daily in-game earnings
  • Slowly transition into more complex recipes (how about foiegras)?
  • Leave the slow cooking recipes during offline
  • Don’t forget to get back to the game at the given time

Off to the market

Make sure that the pantry shelf, freezer and refrigerator are well stocked with all the ingredients you’ll need for expansion. You basically have an inventory that you just need to click to see what’s inside. It is possible to stock more than the usual but it would be better to have 3 for every item at the most.

  • Go shopping in the “Market” and check out for promos
  • Some of the most complex ingredients are only available as IAPs
  • Diners are willing to wait here (unlike in other resource management games where customers leave when disappointed)
  • Excess food can also be sold in the “Market” for a reasonable price
  • Take advantage of the “Market” to keep a balanced inventory and have extra earnings

Don’t rush anything

Take time in upgrading storages to keep everything else organised. Each item requires different storing system so you might as well upgrade whenever there’s an opportunity. Maybe the Dish storage at first, or what do you think?

  • Customers come in random manner
  • Take orders one at a time
  • Make sure everyone gets attended properly
  • Shop only for the freshest food ingredients
  • Cook and serve while hot

Manage your resources wisely

Eventually you will need a lot of careful planning as your customer grows. You will have regulars that will request for more complicated recipes and are willing to spend big amounts. This is where you need to come up with a continuous supply of ingredients, maximise your storage capacity and learn new exciting recipes.

  • Earn Diamonds upon completing the game quests
  • Diamonds can be spent for your main kitchen’s cooking slot
  • Try purchasing a Grill if there’s an open slot because you don’t have one at the beginning. This can be followed by a Dough machine

Learn when to downsize or upsize

World Chef on PC isn’t your usual time management strategic game. It may resemble Diner Dash if you had that game before but this one doesn’t pressure the players in any way. You can take your time here just like how a real good meal is cooked to perfection. Of course you will gain a lot of customers right away if you move a little faster. Nonetheless, time management doesn’t make the entire objective.

  • Create a delectable menu, hire professional chefs, share exotic recipes and (hopefully) become an overnight sensation
  • Expand by upgrading furniture, kitchen wares and stoves
  • Dedicate a space for exclusive pool parties and swanky dinner events
  • Manage your resources and always look after the inventory

Why choose Andy for your mobile apps?

Andy breaks down the barrier that prevents you from playing your favourite Android apps to your PC. Usually, the different software environments between Windows, Apple and Android are the major reasons for this. Did you know that Andy OS’ incredible emulating software technology is all you’ll ever need? Andy is equipped with Full Android User Interface and supports Windows 7/8 and Mac OSX operating systems. That means, you won’t experience any difficulty in case you want to play World Chef on PC. Now, you can sync your mobile apps and run the same from your desktop. Most of all, Andy OS is the most efficient software emulator installation package available.

Better virtual management in and out of the kitchen

Playing Word Chef on PC offers the same friendly faces as well as the spic & span kitchen and restaurant that stays open 24/7 (just like in your mobile). In other words: What you have started from a humble to a fancy diner won’t surely come to waste.

  • Cloud Save (Android). Get unlimited storage so you no longer need to delete applications in your device.
  • Accessible Local File System (Android). Using your mobile utility applications becomes more accessible with this feature.
  • Integrated Camera and Microphone. Do more with Andy OS applications with the built-in microphone and camera support. (Works perfectly with your camera utility apps, video & call messaging, and other social media applications).
  • App sync to Mobile. Simultaneously delivers all the saved settings, progress and in-app purchases across multiple devices
  • Google Play Store. Use your Google Play account to get access to all the mobile apps available at

Unique gameplay for some serious cooking techniques

Those dishes can wait but not until you try using these awesome game controllers for your other favourite games.

  • PlayStation/Xbox Controller. Andy OS software application already supports two of the most popular joystick controllers for game consoles
  • Mobile Device as Joystick. Are you ready to experience mobile-desktop gaming like never before? Download Andy Remote to make use of this swell feature.
  • Integrated Sensors. All the essential controls used for the game can work simultaneously with your handset device while playing World Chef on PC
  • Multi-touch control support. There’s nothing quite like the convenience of using a touchscreen. Take the game anywhere and stay on top of the game with your Android device!
  • Keyboard Mapper. Virtual chefs from around the world can enjoy what real desktop experience means with World Chef for PC.

Spice up your recipe

Imagine your PC mirroring what you see in your handset device. Your daily dose of kitchen recipe need not be dreadful. It’s time to go big.

  • Full Android User Interface. Virtually explore your Android mobile’s interface in a much larger playing field with Andy OS’ virtual optimisation technology.
  • Mac OSX and Windows 7/8 capability. Andy works with any desktop browser and links everything directly to the open software application.
  • Run apps from PC. Andy OS brings all your frequently used apps for entertainment, gaming and communication in one powerful device
  • OpenGL Hardware,ARM and X86 native apps capable. You won’t find anything like Andy OS. Judging from the amazing features, it’s the most (if not the only) flexible mobile-desktop emulator in the industry.

Don’t miss out on what’s cooking

Going over your messages is a fun way to unwind. Why not have every piece of information readily accessible whether you’re in the kitchen with your laptop or out for a walk?

  • Facebook support. Got any technical inquiries? Simply log on to Facebook and get real-time support from Andy OS technical support team.
  • Desktop Push Notifications. Know what’s happening in and out of the game. Get up-to-the-minute push notification messages and latest game information whether in your computer or smartphone device
  • Enhanced Battery Life. Launching your mobile apps on PC can make your smartphone battery last longer.

Looking for a game to satisfy your food cravings and inner entrepreneur? World Chef has got it cooked right to your taste. And probably, it won’t be long until you canmake your own Italian-style bruschetta at home. That we have to wait and see for now.

How to Download World Chef for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search World Chef download.

Step 5: Find World Chef and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play World Chef on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touchscreen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing World Chef on PC!!!

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