Download Vault App for PC/Vault App on PC

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It’s entirely prudent to be concerned about the privacy of your data that’s readily available on your mobile device of your laptop. Protecting your emails, messages, call logs, contacts and more is important, even on your own laptop or mobile device as it can fall into a thief’s hands rather easily. A reliable security measure is important to safeguard your information, even if it means individual security locks for each vulnerable application you use.

Vault is exactly what you’ll need in order to ensure that your information is kept safe and away from any prying eyes when you aren’t near your device. You’ll also be able to install and use Vault on PC.

Download Vault App for PC/Vault App on PC

A security solution for all your applications.

Vault is readily heralded as one of the best applications available on the Android marketplace by many tech bloggers and magazines. End-users give Vault a high rating as well, with a median score of 4.4 out of 5, counting millions of ratings for an application that has been installed nearly 50 million times from the Google Play Store alone. Although these are merely numbers and stats behind the application, they do highlight how popular and reliable the application is, among its users. Now, let’s get to why you’ll need Vault for PC and your other mobile devices.

Your important data such as pictures, photos and videos stored on your laptop or desktop is placed in a secure vault which can only be accessed upon entering a password. That’s protection at the first step, to keep away any intruders from accessing your information.

Vault’s features and highlights.

  • App Lock! This counts for one of the most unique features you’ll find anywhere in any application, wherein Vault lets you lockdown your most used and important applications such as Email/Gmail, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype and more, by protecting it with a password. An added camouflage mode lets any intruder trying to access your applications without your consent see a banner reading “ the application has crashed “, tricking them into thinking the application isn’t functioning with the reality being Vault as a security feature has been protecting your app from the very beginning.
  • Safeguarding all the essentials. Your contacts list, messaging conversations, call logs and more will be hidden from the phone screen by default. You can also specify certain a certain or multiple contacts’ information from showing up on your screen when a message comes through from the chosen contacts, completely safeguarding your privacy in specific communication channels as well.
  • Fake Vault. Turn the security dial all the way up by creating a fake vault that serves to pull attention away from the real one, acting as a decoy. Those intruders who try to access your vault will be shown the faux Vault which you can also customize and set up, when the real Vault is safeguarding all the information you deem to be important the entire time. All of this can also be replicated while using Android applications on your desktop through an emulator and you’ll still be able to use Vault for PC!
  • Stealth Mode. If you want to take further security measures, you can do so by hiding the entire Vault application from the Apps menu and dashboard. Once you active the Stealth Mode, the Vault icon vanishes and can only be accessed again upon entering a password on the dial-pad of your Android operating system.
  • Break in alerts. Any opportunistic snoopers trying to get a grab of your laptop or phone when you aren’t around to try and log into your device will be snapped on camera! Vault employs a novel idea wherein any intruder trying to gain access of your device has his/her picture taken and subsequently emailed to you. Pretty slick, right?

Protecting applications on your PC or Mac with Vault.

Although Vault is fundamentally developed for the mobile operating system, it can be used to safeguard other applications if they’re already running on your Windows machine, through the means of an emulator.

Andy is a particularly feature-packed, easy-to-use emulator that can be installed on your Windows laptop or desktop to get Android apps and games installed directly on your computer. The same can be done with Vault on PC, by installing it on your laptop or desktop, with a little help from Andy!

How to Download Vault for your PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Vault download.

Step 5: Find Vault and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Vault on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS to the installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Vault on PC!!!

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