Download Terraria APK Android

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Going Old School

Are you type of person that enjoys playing nostalgic-looking games? There is definitely a niche group out there that do. Games like Pacman, Mario, Tetris, etc. are the way to go! Terraria Android App seems like such a game that will fit right into the likes of them.

What is Exactly is Terraria?

So what exactly is Terraria Apk? Well, it is an APK that looks like it game out in the 80s and that consequently combined with some similarities of Minecraft except it maybe so much better than that. It considered by many to be so engrossing and addictive that you will end up playing for hours. It has it all, adventure, strategy, good story-telling and sheer surprising moments of absolutely discovery that if you don’t download Terraria Apk, you might be missing out on the best thing in your life so far!

Download Terraria APK Android

The Game’s Features

Somewhere in across space and time is a world called Terraria and in the is world, you will encounter floating islands in the sky and even the Underworld. There will be adventures all the way across each corner of the earth and battles with a wide variety of creatures and evil villains. This APK’s features include the following:

  • Multiplayer mode with local Wi-FI game support to up to four players, cross-platforming on pretty much any mobile device.
  • 1250 and counting crafting recipes such for weapons, armor, potions and more!
  • 150 or so enemies to go against.
  • 50 plus block types to build basically anything you could ever want.
  • 15 plus pets to choose from.
  • More than a dozen of environments to explore and discover!
  • And even better still, there are dynamic water and lave, day and night cycles!
  • Each pixel created in this APK is amazingly crafted with detail in mind, giving you the best possible mobile experience you could ever have or dream!


This game has a similar concept like that of Minecraft but it can be so much better than that. Here you will find that it is filled with lots of adventure. It is your world to not only create and mold but to defend as well. There is so much you can do in Terraria. Your options are limitless.

First you will have to start off with building your basic shelter. This where every player starts off with of course. Then you will have to dig for ore and other resources. This will help later on in the game and as you strive to level up and survive. Next, you will discover and craft as many as three hundred weapons of magic, ranged weapons and those of the melee variety. You can also make armor for yourself as well. All of these you will need to in order to go head to head with the many different enemies in the land of Terraria.

Outside of the battlefield, you can do other activities too. Such as fishing, riding a mount, or go off exploring for the floating island. Then you can come back and make houses for those NPCs that helped you all the way. Again, you are not limited by only these things. There is so much you can still do in Terraria.


There are a few things still needed when you want to play this game. You will need Android operating system 3.0 and higher and at least 512 MB RAM in order for it to run smoothly enough. You also need Wi-Fi so that you can play their multi-player feature. But other than that, you pretty much ready to go.

Note, there are some in-app purchases that are available for items that you can buy within the game as well.


This game is currently on version 1.2.10177 and was just recently updated last August 21, 2015. As of now only bug fixes and optimizations have been done. You have the option of checking out their Terraria forums for a complete list of changes that have been recently.

If you are itching to play this APK now, go ahead and download Terraria! For sure you will have many hours spent in this gaming world. You won’t regret it!

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