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RPG Popularity

With the technology being the way it is, gamers have a whole new other platform in which to play their beloved games on. RPGs are no longer just stuck on laptops or desktop computers. With your android phone or tablet, you can easily open up a game and play on the go. Terra Battle Android App utilizes and optimizes that simple fact and makes it into a wonderful gaming experience for its users.

Terra Battle: A Gamer’s Paradise

Considered as one of greatest RPG, Terra Battle Apk is a fantasy world filled to the brim with interesting yet strange creatures and mighty warriors and heroes. These warriors are on the quest to seek the truth about the illusive Maker. Who is the Maker? What is his/her purpose? Your heroes and warriors must band together in the hopes of finding that out. In order to do so, why don’t you download Terra Battle Apk right now so you can join in their quest!

Download Terra Battle APK Android

Game Features

This APK boasts of some amazing features which include the following:

  • Enjoy playing this APK with some amazing and colorful graphics
  • Choose from a wide-range of characters
  • Immerse yourself in the world of Terra Battle APK accompanied with some amazing sound and music
  • Play the game with it’s turn-based combat style
  • Get absorbed in the addicting gameplay (to be discussed at length in the section below)


This APK is considered a “tile-based” strategy game where a user can customize his characters for fights against every enemy he/she encounters in the game. Players have upper hand when they team up together as allies, pick off their enemies in the middle. Other team members are relegated to other roles as well.

There are many “jobs” available to the users and they can opt to change jobs once they have enough job skills. This can be done by gathering as much experience as you can and to do that you have to keep fighting enemies in battle.

Players can also play in specialized areas called the Metal Zone and the Hunting Zone. In the Metal Zone, you can get a lot experience points for a limited amount of time. The objective is to defeat as many special enemies as you can in the shortest time possible.

In the other zone, the Hunting Zone, it is a specific area where you can farm special materials so that you can use later on in the game. It is very important to take stock of what type of day it is when you enter the Hunting Zone because it will ultimately influence your gaming experience there.

There are other areas in the game that you need keep an eye out for such as floor traps and hazards. They are “environmentals” that do extreme damage to anyone who comes into contact with them. These environmentals can be both stationary (spikes or lava pits) or moving (ooze or bombs) which makes it a lot tougher for your team to advance.

Those other members that I mentioned earlier? The ones that get relegated to other roles? Well they are called remedy or support characters. These characters are an essential part of the team because they make sure that the other members are kept healthy while during battle. Depending on the situation, you can use these characters to ward away hazards (spikes, bombs, etc.) from other teammates and specifically used to counter enemy attacks that use poison, sleep or confusion. They are a necessary to any successful party in the game.


There are number things that you will have to consider when wanting to play these games but they don’t go beyond the normal requirements of other RPGs. Nevertheless, it is good to take note of them:

  • Requires an Android operating system of 2.3 or up
  • Requires in internet connection to play
  • Requires a cache to be downloaded

What’s New with Terra Battle (Updates)

As of August 19, 2015, there have been several updates to the game which include:

  • New feature – push notifications
  • New features which will be announce later on
  • Fixed minor bugs and errors

So, now it is pretty much high time that you download Terra Battle APK – have fun playing!

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