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Staying Connected

There are so many ways to stay connected with your friends, family, and loved ones nowadays. Technology has made it so much more convenient and easier to get in touch with just about anyone. No matter what place you are in or where you will end being in the future, you will be able to connect with all of them just by using a simple app like Tango Android App on your phone or other mobile Android device.

What is Tango?

Tango Android Apk is an amazing app that can hold its own against the likes of Viber, Weechat, FB Messenger, KakaoTalk and the likes. This app is great for just about anything when it comes to communicating and connecting with other people. You will be able to make free voice call as well as free video call once you download Tango Apk.

The Tango App comes to you for free. However, there are some in-app purchases that you can make. All you really need is an Android system that is 4.0 or higher to run the app and you are good to go. But keep in mind that at 28.59 MB, it can take a chunk of space on your phone or mobile device but considering what you are going to get with just one app, it’s probably worth it.

Down below is a somewhat detailed discussion of the features that you will be getting once you download Tango Apk:

Download Tango APK Android

It’s All About the “Free Way”

With this APK you will be able to do a myriad of things (besides the free voice and video calls) including the following:

  • Save minutes – You aren’t wasting any credit on your personal carrier
  • Call anyone’s phone
  • Send your loved ones photos, news and your blow-by-blow status updates as well as see updates from others as well
  • Send text messages
  • Create group chat
  • Uses Wi-Fi so you don’t end up wasting your mobile data
  • Messages can now show off more of your personality with the addition of videos and cute, fun stickers and emojis

Find New Friends Along the Way

The Tango Apk has the ability to connect you to more people. Not just the people you already know but you can make new friends just about daily with this APK. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Profile cards are swiped through (similar to Tinder) in order to discover new people from around the world
  • Browse through the profiles to see what you have in common
  • Stash potential friends with interesting profiles to your Favorites
  • Go ahead and initiate a conversation through chat
  • Dive in an already existing conversation with others
  • Join a group chat catered to your interests whether it be movies or sports – there’s bound to be something that you will like

Keep Preoccupied with Games

The APK is not just a social media hub it is a gaming hub as well. If you are need of a break from making new friends or chatting with existing ones, you can always just play a game or two before diving back in. The APK features several games and you can either play alone or invite your friends to play with you:

  • Road Riot
  • Jewel Raiders
  • Toon Squad
  • And 15+ other games

There are also 11 more in-call games such as:

  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Checkers

Shopping Galore!

Not into the games? No problem! There is also a shopping feature for all you serial shoppers out there as well which include:

  • Customized deals everyday
  • Jaw-dropping and affordable prices

What’s New with Tango?

It’s also good to know that this app diligently updates itself and in v3.18.170292, there is has definitely made interacting so much easier than before. Updates are in the following areas:

  • Better swiping ability through profiles, saving to Favorites, and meeting new people
  • Group chats now contain areas on hot topics, nearby areas and much more
  • More fun emojis during chats and in comments

With everything that this app can offer you, why would want anything else? It has your social media, communications, games and shopping all wrapped into one app for your immediate convenience. So what are you waiting for? Download Tango Android APK right now!

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