Download Shazam Android APK

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Shazam Android application brings a wide range of features for all the music lovers out there. Featuring a commendable interface and fantastic functionalities, this music application tends to provide you with an enriched experience. Now view, play and listen to songs from your favorite artists and follow your favorite albums. Always stay updated with the latest music releases and listen to as many songs as you want. Get chance to view all the song lyrics in order to see whether the lyrics are good enough or not. Share songs with your friends and let your social circle know what songs you are listening to. Get a chance to view the concerts which are happening around you and even buy tickets from them using this application. Search for songs using the amazing searching mechanism provided by this application. Favorite the songs you like and create your own unique playlist. Let the application give you suggestions based on your previous song searches. The list of features offered by the application is surely never ending. So download this music application on your device and install its APK right away in order to cherish the features offered by it.

Download Shazam Android APK

Listen to unlimited songs

Using this application, you can search for and listen to loads of unlimited songs of all categories and types. The songs in this app are grouped according to various categories, which provides you a chance to search for new songs with ease. You can search for songs based on their type, album or the artist who sang the song. If you know the name of the song, you can easily type its name in the search bar to listen to it. However, it is essential to keep in mind that there is no limit to the number of songs which you can listen to. So explore new songs and discover the ones which you might like. If you like an artist, you can simply have a look at all of his songs. Moreover, the songs in this APK are all of high quality and you will not have to listen to any poor quality song. You can also save the songs which you like so that you can listen to them later. So are you ready to make use of this amazing application with a fantabulous interface to get an enriched experience?

Create your playlists

Shazam provides you a chance to create and share your playlists with your friends. You can create playlists by adding the songs which you like the most. This is extremely helpful since it will save you the hassle of searching for every song again and again. Instead, you can directly play the playlist which you have made and listen to all of the songs in it with ease. You also have the chance to share these songs to other social networks to let your friends know what you are listening to. You can even share your complete playlists and let others admire your choice of songs. Similarly, you can get to know what your friends are listening to and which artist they are following. So are you prepared to try out these fantastic functions offered by Shazam Android APK?

View the song lyrics

If you are one of those people who like viewing the song lyrics before listening to a particular song, then you are at the right place. Using this application, you can get the chance to have a look at the authentic song lyrics. You can also configure the settings to ensure that these lyrics are displayed on the screen while the song is playing. Most of the people who sing such songs need to know the exact lyrics. Well, fortunately, they will be easily able to get hold of the lyrics for every single song with the help of this amazing APK.

See what artists are sharing

Do you wish to be among those few people who get to know about the latest song releases of their favorite artist? Do you wish to be the first one to know what your artist is singing at the current moment? Well, then wait no further and install this APK in your phone or tablet instantly to get access to these amazing features.

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