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We have to share information with other people all the time. Sometimes we need to share important files or presentations for work while sometimes we need to share pictures, videos or songs with our friends for the purpose of entertainment. No matter what our aim is, we always need a good medium to transfer data from one device to another. Nowadays, the main problem with transferring files is that most of the devices are running on different operating systems; some are running on Android while others are running on IOS. Moreover, the Bluetooth transfer speeds are also quite slow which restricts you from sending any file of large size. Under such circumstances, you need a good application which could allow you to send large files quickly and could also support cross-platform sharing of data. Keeping these factors into consideration, Share It has come into existence. This application provides you with a commendable platform to share files, songs, movies, videos or data in any other format with other devices. Whether you are looking forward to backing up your data on your PC or wish to send your apps to your friends, you can do everything you want at high speeds. What can be more awesome than these features offered by Share It Android APK?

Download Share It Android APK

Backup files on PC

There must be lots of files in your device with are essential to you. However, these files can get deleted in case your phone goes through a problem. In order to avoid this issue, you might want to back up your files on PC so they remain safe. Well, this APK provides you an amazing chance to do that. You can connect your phone with your PC by using a Wi-Fi connection. Once the connection has been established, you can then select the files which you need to back up on your PC. You can back up all types of files including:

  • Contacts
  • Messages
  • Videos, pictures or other media
  • Documents and presentations
  • Applications

In case you phone goes through a problem, you can always use this backup to recover all of your files with ease. This process cannot get simpler for sure.

Project your phone’s screen to your PC

You will be amazed to know that this APK provides you the facility to project your phone’s screen to your PC or to another screen with the help of this application. This means that if you have a power point presentation in your phone, you can project it to another screen from where you can view it. Similarly, you can stream videos directly on your PC’s screen with the help of this application. This will surely save you the trouble of transferring all of these videos to your PC in order to play them on it.

Cross-platform sharing

One of the reasons why this application is used by hundreds of millions of people all over the world is because of the cross-platform sharing which it supports. Yes, it does not matter if your phone’s operating system is Android, IOS or Windows, this application will make sure that you are able to share all the information which you need. If you are connecting with a device with the same operating system as yours, you can also share applications with it. These applications could then be installed on the other device with ease.

Select the files which you wish to share

The amazing interface of this app allows you to select the files which you wish to share with the other device. The application asks you which type of files you wish to share and then provides you with a list of all those type of files in your device. You can then easily select the files which you want to send to the other device. Once the file is being sent, the APK also provides you with information regarding how much data has been transferred, what is the transfer speed and how much time is remaining in order to send all of the files.

So if you think that you like any of the functionalities offered by Share It Android APK, then download it without waiting any further and install it in your device right away.

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