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People want to get a greater control over their Android devices. Currently, most of the devices do not allow you to get a proper control over them. This is because you are not allowed to access the system files, deleted data or even application data. Advanced developers surely need to get access to these files to carry out a number of tasks. SD Maid Pro Android App keeps all of these factors into consideration and tries to make your life much easier. This application is a special cleaning manager which comes with a special explorer as well. It tends to make sure that you Android device is clean and free from all the unused files which pile up in your device and take up memory. However, the file explorer in this APK also provides you a variety of other features which provide you tremendous amount of control over your device. You can get access to special information, files and applications which would not have been possible otherwise. In short, you can make sure that your Android device is completely under your control and supervision with the help of this fantastic file explorer and cleaner.

The functionalities offered by this APK should be explored in depth in order to figure out how beneficial they are for us.

Download SD Maid Pro APK Android

Clean unused files

The basic and underlining feature of this application is cleaning all the unused files in your device. There are different types of files in your phone which are of no use to you. These files could be:

  • Remaining application data after an app has been deleted
  • Junk files
  • Unused documents which you never use
  • Large files which take up too much memory on your device
  • Temporary application data

It is quite obvious that you would not need any of these unused files on your device. However, most of the time you are not even aware regarding their existence. This is the reason why this application provides you a list of all these files which you might wish to delete. Once you are prompted with this list, you are left with two options; you can either delete all of these files by just clicking a single button or you can individually select the files which you wish to delete. It is actually better to individually select the files to ensure that any important file is not deleted. After these junk files have been deleted, your phone will become comparatively faster.

Find files using the explorer

You will be amazed to witness the features offered by the file explorer of SD Maid Pro Android APK. You can access all the files and folders inside you phone. You can move any file from one folder to another. You can also delete complete folders in order to free up memory. You also have the chance to create new folders of your own where you can store special information or where you can backup data. There is also a search bar in this APK which allows you to search for a file instantly. You just need to type the name of that file and you will be presented with all the searches which match the search criteria. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, this simplicity is the actual beauty of this amazing APK.

Other special features

Since we have already established that this app tends to offer you with a lot of special features, let us have a look at them and see how helpful they can be to us.

  • The App control feature provides you a great deal of autonomy to control the applications in your device. You can reset an application, freeze an application and even remove it with the help of this feature.
  • The “Duplicates” feature allows you to search for duplicate files and pictures in your device. So if there is more than one file with the same name or more than one picture which looks exactly the same, this app will find it out and provide you with suggestions to delete it. This will help free up memory on your device.

If you really wish to get a detailed overview of the features included in this app, then download its APK and try out all the amazing features it offers.

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