Download Real Cricket ’14 for PC/Real Cricket ’14 on PC

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Welcome to Real Cricket 14 on PC where you will stand chance of enjoying wonderful and great gameplay dedicated for all players on the internet. It is a cricket game inspired by real game with all the perfect features that made it more realistic to play. This game was put together for to enjoy and you will have interesting battling experience. You can equally go ahead and test your ability to catch the balls and other form activities involved in the game. This game is designed with step by step of cricket world cup with all the features that will make you enjoy perfect gaming experience in the virtual world. The superior graphics associated with this game are among the things that made it the game for all real world cricket fans. More so, the interface of this game has made it easy for players to enjoy smooth and soft gameplay right on their personal computer.

Battle for the Urn with Real Cricket 14 for PC

This cricket game is all about battles and rivalry and you will be expected to participate in different competitions organized for players from different parts of the world. More so, the Urn tournament is one of the most celebrated historic competitions where you will meet with oodles of players that are ready to win the competition. For that reason, you must ensure that you showcase, your cricket playing skill for you to increase your chance of winning the game with ease. The entire features you need to enjoy perfect and wonderful gaming are complete in this game. But, you must at least have idea of cricket game in the real world for you to stand chance of enjoying great and wonderful gaming experience with ease. You are to choose one country and play either as England or Australia so as to win the Ashes set for the game.

Enjoy Intuitive Gameplay with Real Cricket 14 for PC

In order to make it easy for gamers with different level of gaming experience to enjoy many hours of engrossing gaming experience with this game, it is designed with ease of play features. The spontaneous gameplay associated with this game will make it easy for you to enjoy simplicity and ease of play with your personal computer. This is the game designed for realer cricket players that want to horn their skill and playing strategy. The characters in the game are gotten from real international cricket players that know the best way to play cricket game. That is the reason why you have to go ahead and enjoy superior and perfect gaming experience with the help of this amazingly designed and well animated game.

Download Real Cricket ’14 for PC/Real Cricket ’14 on PC 

Make Use of New Confidence Meter in Real Cricket 14 on PC

One of the features associated with this game which made it perfect for all players is the confidence meter. You must test your level of focus which is the main thing in the game. Without having good focus ability you will find it difficult to win your opponent. More so, you must learn how to effectively play yourself in on the game and confirm your ability to focus and score as many goals as possible before going on to play with real money with other players. This game can just give you opportunity to make huge amount of money through gaming as oodles of players are ready to play with you for real money. That made Real Cricket 14 on PC a must play video game for all players.

Choose From 16 Available Nations and 8 Master Teams in Real Cricket 14 for PC

Just as it was explained earlier, this game was designed mainly for competition and rivalry from different people. It is involves 16 nations and 8 master teams that are ready to compete with each other. For that reason, you are going to choose the particular nation you know will give you victory over other nations. This is mostly when you want to participate in world cup competition with other countries of the world. There are also 8 master teams in this game through which you need to select the particular team that will give you want you want. Honestly, the teams are graded based on their performance in the real world. For that reason, you must be current in the world cricket game for you to get the particular team that will give you exactly what you want in your gaming.

Leverage Well Heeled and Loaded Art with Real Cricket 14 on PC

This game is designed with oodles of hand drawn art and graphics that will make players enjoy more realistic cricket experience. The designers are ready to provide users with all the features that will make them enjoy great and perfect cricket gaming experience at the end of the day. That made it nice for you to go ahead and download this perfectly designed Real Cricket 14 on PC with nice graphics your best choice. This is just the game you need to play when you want to enjoy same real life cricket playing experience in the virtual world. Downloading this game will not give you stress or trouble as you can easily get it free of charge in Google Play. Just go ahead and download this game and you will certainly enjoy superior and wonderful gaming experience.

Take Pleasure With Automate and Ultra Fluid Animations with Real Cricket 14 for PC

Indeed, this game is just made lively and realistic to players through perfect and amazing ultra fluid animations. This animation will make you enjoy making hours of engrossing gaming experience without any feel of boredom. That means you can easily stick to your computer for complete day and still desire to play this game again and again. The Sparkling 2D Action Captured animations of this game have made it the choice for oodles of players from different parts of the world. In fact, currently this game has attracted hundreds of thousands of downloads from real cricket players globally.

Be Conspicuous With Real Cricket 14 on PC

Just as it is in the real world where you must have enough cricket equipments to play the game perfectly same way it is in the gaming world. That is that is the reason why you must ensure that you get all the features and equipments required for you to enjoy perfect gaming. You will be provided with some basic equipment you need to enjoy gaming the special way. But, there are some other cricket equipments you need to buy with real money or virtual money in the app store. So, for you to get the money you need to unlock other levels of the game and the equipments you need for your perfect gaming you must win tournament and competition with other players. Really, Real Cricket 14 on PC is the game you must ensure that you play as it is loaded with the features that will make you to enjoy perfect and amazing gaming.

Go On For Cricket at Its Supreme Real Cricket 14 for PC

You are going to be in full control of team selection where and easy gameplay when you make this game your best choice. More so, there are opportunity for bowling and battling order as well as 15 different field placements for you to select the best for your gaming. That will make it perfect for you to stand chance of enjoying superior and enthralling gaming experience just with the help of your personal computer. What you need is to know right combination of keys for you to get exact kind of actions you need for the cricket gaming experience.

Enjoy Oodles of Game Modes Associated With Real Cricket 14 on PC

There is diverse game mode associated with this game which you will need to select from. Some of the game modes you will stand to select from include: Knockout cup, T20 World Cup, Master cup and others. For that reason, you will need to polish your skill and device new strategy that will give you opportunity to win other players on the internet. There are other game modes coming in this game which will make the game more and more interesting.

The Features Associated With Real Cricket 14 for PC

Some of the exciting features associated with this game include:

  • Nice interface
  • Striking graphics
  • Good sound effects
  • Free for download on PC
  • Great game modes
  • Oodles of cricket amount
  • New intuitive touch controls
  • Large community of gamers that are ready to real competition
  • Easy to play gaming
  • Dazzling 2D Motion Capture animations
  • Simple and intuitive game control
  • Ability to compete with other players
  • 16 nations available for real gaming
  • 8 master teams through which you can select
  • Up to 27 cricket shots and real physics

How to Download Real Cricket 14 on PC

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy available online for free just by clicking here Download

Step 2: Begin the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is set to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use the search tool to search for Download Real Cricket 14 download.

Step 5: Find Download Real Cricket 14 and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now enjoy wonderful experience with the epic fight on pc using a mouse or your keyboard on your PC. You can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we uphold internet based real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy operating system installation process, you can use this link to access the group: support

Enjoy Playing Download Real Cricket 14 for PC!!!


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