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Puzzle & Dragons: A Gung-ho style RPG Puzzle

As an addition to the magnanimous selection of role-playing titles, let us introduce to you another one of its kind. Currently ruling Japan with the highest number of downloads; Gung-ho Online Entertainment presents an RPG with a puzzle mix! Puzzle & Dragons ANDROID APP is yet another compelling game where players can collect mythical monsters to evolve. Just combine 3 or more orbs of similar colours to activate enemy attack. What sets this apart from other puzzles is that you can move the place of the orb to anywhere you want. That way, a great combo surely awaits everyone! In turn, this would allow for a chance to demolish the enemies while at the same time, amass all the loots that comes from the dungeons.

Download Puzzle & Dragons APK Android

What to look for

The events that will soon ensue are definitely just as so exciting. Be surprised with a SUPER RARE dragon by playing Puzzle & Dragons APK on PC. Create your very own assemblage with over 700 unique monsters up for grabs. Other than that, it’s sky’s the limit when it comes to combining teams with one another for a one epic match. If you’re a serious fan of RPG, you will love what this game has in stored for you. When one beats up the dungeon for instance, players get rewarded instantly with an XP. This is very essential should you want to develop your ranking against other players out there.

Garrisons and Fortress

If the story development becomes a hit or miss situation, we have come up with a few important things take into consideration.

  • Upon entering a dungeon, you will notice though that your STAMINA gradually decreases
  • Eventually, it can find itself to recover over time
  • Level-ups help in the replenishment of STAMINA without waiting too long
  • Excessive forces considerably decreases the strength
  • Waiting time usually lasts about a couple of hours
  • IAPs can be your option when it takes so long to recover
  • Purchase the very useful magic stones for instant recovery

Training your dragon

All the mayhem starts with the main objective of the game. Evolving comes with certain power boosters to use with your monsters. Powerups can make these creatures far a lot stronger than the others. With all the right ingredients, you could come up with cute tiny baby dragons that can grow into the mightiest beasts ever to cross the battlefields. So definitely, Puzzle & Dragons ANDROID APP is a continuing venture, just like an MMORPG. But whether or not you choose to undertake the game quests, your main goal is still to breed the best dragon to ever hit the dungeons.

Keeping under control

Developing your very own set of dragons needs players to perform farming at the dungeons. Add to that, most dungeons can be quite frustrating to manage. It lets you perform some trial & error experiments and in the process could either discourage or encourage you to play more. Meanwhile, discover what’s inside Puzzle & Dragons APK and keep up with the tedious yet entertaining offers.

  • Earn magic stones once you complete these sets of dungeons
  • Receive milestone rewards from the events thrown in regularly
  • Use the magic eggs to activate a slot machine
  • The slot machine could shell out some FREE eggs with random monsters inside
  • Watch out for the rare dragon eggs to be given away

Get everyone aboard

Download Puzzle & Dragons APK and tag along your friends in this epic RPG adventure.

  • Make new buddies inside the game or swap ID codes with real-life friends
  • An integrated social media feature also comes with the application
  • Watch out for the updates and social events coming your way
  • Optional IAPs are available for best game experience

The minutiae of the app

Visually, Puzzle & Dragons offers one of the most impressive graphic arts when it comes to tiny monsters. It could be placed under the higher end category in spite of the typical game mechanics it possesses. As for the music, its just so amazing that it lingers even right after you played the game. Lastly, the streamlined user interface using Puzzle & Dragons APK surely gives a lasting impression of a great Android performance be it anywhere you play.

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