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Path Android Application is an amazing social networking application which brings you closer to your family and friends. Share everything with your friends and connect with them with the help of this amazing app. Let everyone know what you are up to and get a peek at their lives as well. Create and edit beautiful pictures and videos and show them to the whole world. Whether you are at home, work or anywhere else, always keep your loved ones updated regarding your life. Like, comment and express your emotions on your friends’ posts and let them know how you feel about those posts. Connect with people who share common interests with you and make new friends. Follow various public profiles of people whom you like and get to know what is happening in their lives. No matter what you wish to do to, this application provides you all the facilities and features in the world. So get ready to download this fantabulous social networking application and get ready to enjoy. Let us have a glimpse at the features which this APK tends to offer us.

Download Path Android APK

Capture and share your special moments

Now share all of your special moments through Path. You can upload your thoughts, pictures, videos, songs and much more on this APK to let everyone know how you feel and what you are up to. Once you have shared your pictures and videos using this app, your friends can comment on your posts and give you their feedback. You can also share songs to let everyone know which type of songs you like. You friends can then give you further suggestions regarding similar songs which you might like. You can also share the videos or pictures posted by other friends of yours, in case you like them. Keep in mind that there is no restriction on what you can share on this social network. Just speak out how you feel and let every person know what your beliefs are.

Connect with people

One of the essential features which a social network should possess is the ability to allow you to connect with as much people as you want. In this regard, Path Android APK ensures that you are able to find your friends on this app. All you need to do is to type their name or username in the search bar, and you will be displayed with their profile. You can then start following that person in order to connect with him and share things with him. In addition to this, you are also given a chance to connect with new people using this application. You can find people who share common interests with you and get to know them more. It is surely the best application which allows you to socialize in the best possible manner. What else could one possibly want?

Edit photos and videos

One of the distinguishing features offered by this social networking application is the ability to edit photos and videos. You can add effects to your photos and videos in order to make them look better. You can apply a number of editing features on your pictures including:

  • Cropping your photo
  • Adding filter to your photo
  • Adding special effects
  • Adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and other advanced features of your picture

Similarly, you can also edit the videos in order to add special effects. You can also cut down various parts of the video or mute the voice in the background if your wish to. This feature has been included in this APK to ensure that you do not need any other app in order to edit your pictures or videos.

Share your posts to other social networks

This application keeps the fact into consideration that you might have friends on other social networks as well. In this regard, you have the chance to share you posts on this app to other social networking applications where your friends can view them. You can share the songs, statuses, photos or videos on any other social network without the need to upload them again. So get advantage from the fantastic functionalities offered by this APK by downloading and installing it in your device right away.

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