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Nowadays it has become quite essential to use the internet in a secure manner. There are hackers all over the world who are looking forward to hacking into your system and stealing your private information. The networks in some places are not good enough and require a boost in order to improve their performance. There are some websites which might be blocked in your country which your need to access. All of these factors have contributed to the formation of OpenVPN Android application. It is the official app launched by OpenVPN to provide you with a wide a range of facilities and to help you overcome the issues listed above. With this app, you no longer need to worry about security of your connection. You do not need to have advanced knowledge about networking to use this app. You simply need to make use of the simple yet interactive interface which this app comes along with. There are quite simple buttons which enable you to perform great functions with ease. So are you ready to get a taste of this APK? Then let us explore its features in depth.

Download OpenVPN Android APK

Access blocked content

It is not uncommon to see a number of websites being blocked in various countries. However, this app realizes that it is unfair for you if you are neglected the privilege to access an important website which others can easily access. For this reason, it provides you the facility to connect to internet using this app and get access to all the blocked content. This app actually connects you to a remote location, from where you are allowed to access the websites which you want. However, this not only provides you access to blocked sites, it also makes your connection secure. This means that no one will be able to know whether you access a blocked website or not, not even your own service provider. The application surely seems to be magical. So what are you waiting for? If you also wish to access any blocked website then download and install OpenVPN APK on your device.

Battery saver mode

It is understandable that you might want to run this application all the time. However, you should keep in mind that it consumes extra battery power. In order to save your battery, this app has a built-in feature which turns off the protection in case no one is using the mobile phone. This saves your phone’s battery to a considerable extent. Moreover, the app also shuts down automatically when the battery of your phone is low. This is also done to save your battery power. However, it is upon your discretion to turn on this feature. If you feel that you do not need this feature, you can simply turn it off. You can also set the minimum battery level for this feature, in case you wish to turn it on.

Protect your connection

The most significant functionality offered by OpenVPN Android APK is the ability to protect your network. Whether you are at home or at work, this app will ensure that no one is able to get access to your phone in an unauthorized way. Most of the public Wi-Fi networks are prone to attacks from hackers. This is the reason that when you connect with such networks, there is a chance that someone might hack into your device. In order to avoid this issue, this amazing APK adds an added layer of protection on your device to make sure that it remains safe at all times. What else do you want?

Easily import your OpenVPN profiles

You need to keep in mind that this app can only be used by those people who have already made their OpenVPN profiles. If you have not got a profile, you should first make it before using this application. Moreover, if you have a profile of your own, this app allows you to import the profile info with ease. You can import all the files of “.ovpn” format from your SD card or any other secondary storage. This app will automatically verify the profile for you.

So if you think that you really need to keep your network safe at all times, then download this APK right now.

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