Download Nova Launcher Prime Android APK

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Are you bored of the look of your mobile phone? Do you wish to change the style and appearance of your device? Does your current launcher not provide you enough control over the appearance of your device? Well, then you are definitely missing on too much. In order to get you out of this trouble, Nova Launcher Prime Android app has come into existence. This is one of the most widely used and highly admired launchers which tend to blow away your mind with its amazing yet fantastic features. Yes, with Nova Launcher, you get a chance to change the whole appearance of your phone and make a lot of customizations. You can even make changes to the slightest detail of your device’s interface. Moreover, the best part is that you can get access to this amazing launcher just for free! So now get rid of those useless launchers which merely take up space on your device, and download this one in order to bring your phone back to life! Let us explore more features offered by this APK in depth.

It is quite fast

Most of the launchers which you install in your device are quite heavy, due to which they turn out to be slow. However, this is not the case with Nova Launcher Android APK. The size of this application is quite small, due to which it does not take up much space and does not slow down your phone at all. The complex, efficient algorithms used in this launcher ensure that it does not get stuck at any time. So get ready to get the best experience using this launcher without ever having to worry about your phone getting slow.

Download Nova Launcher Prime Android APK

Control your phone with gestures

Using an Android phone is not a difficult thing to do. You just need to tap a number of icons in order to open the application which you want. However, what if you get to know that you don’t even have to do this anymore in order to carry out a command? Yes, you can set your phone to follow a number of commands with the help of simple gestures. For example, I can configure this launcher to open the games folder for me whenever I swipe my finger towards the right on the screen! Yes, this means that whenever a finger is swiped towards the right on the screen, the game folder is opened. What can be more amazing as compared to this feature offered by this APK? Some of the gestures which you can carry out include:

  • Pinching
  • Swiping
  • Double tapping
  • Triple tapping

There are a lot of other gestures which you can set. You will get to know about them once you install this APK on your device.

Hide applications

There are how many applications in your device which you hardly use? Still, they have taken up so much space on your screen. Nova Launcher Android APK realizes the significance of making your phone look clear. For this purpose, it has provided the feature which allows you to hide the applications which you never use. You can simply drag these applications to a drawer, where they will be saved. You can access these applications at any time when you need them by simply opening this drawer. However, a lot of space on your screen will be freed up by using this drawer, which you can then use for some other productive purpose.

Icon swipes

In order to make your life easier, this application has provided the feature of swiping icons to carry out commands. You just need to set what command should be followed once you swipe a particular icon, and this launcher will make it happen. This provides you a wide range of facilities in order to carry out a particular command. Moreover, it makes your device more fun to use.

There are loads of other features which come associated with this application. You will get to know about all these features in depth once you start using this app. Just keep in mind that there is nothing which you cannot do with this app; all you need to know is the proper way of configuring settings on this launcher.

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