Download Helium Android APK

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How many times have you gone through that situation in which all of the data on your phone got erased due to a small issue with your device? How many times have you lost a lot of valuable information just because you had not make any backup of it? Surely, a lot of times. This happens to all of us, all the time. This is one of the reasons why Helium Android APK has come into existence. This application tends to provide you an amazing backup facility which will enable you to backup all of the information on your device. Is not that the solution to all of your problems? There are some valuable features incorporated into this application which provide you with a great experience. All you need to do it to download the APK for this app and install it in your device. It is pretty simple!

We need to have a look at the features which have been incorporated into this application and realize how they can be helpful for us.

Download Helium Android APK

Backup your personal data

Everyone’s personal data is undoubtedly crucial to them. Who wants to lose his valuable pictures or videos or messages which are linked to the memories which he has had with important people? This is the reason why Helium provides you a chance to backup all of your important information. You just need to instruct the application regarding which data to backup, and it will do so. However, it is risky to keep your backup data on your phone because it might get erased in case your phone experiences any problem. In order to avoid this issue, this app allows you to save this backup on your memory card from which you can transfer it to another device. More importantly, it also provides you a chance to backup all of your data on cloud storage, from where you can access it any time you want.

Backup your applications

You will be glad to know that with the help of this application, you have a chance to backup all of your applications as well. In fact, all of the data within those apps will also be saved. So this means that once your recover your phone using a backup, all of the applications along with the saved data in those apps will be recovered! What can be more awesome than that? Now you do not need to go through the trouble of downloading and installing each application on your own. Moreover, it is understandable that you might not need to back up all of the apps. For this reason, you will be given the option to choose only those apps which you wish to backup. This surely tends to provide you with a great amount of control over this process.

Sync your devices

Have you ever experienced that situation where you get a new device but you still wish to have all the applications and data which was in your old device? Well, Helium Android APK has now made this possible. You will just be required to log in to your Helium account in your new device, and you will be given an option to recover all of your information. This information will be the one which was previously stored by you on cloud storage. You can then choose the information which you wish to recover on your new device. This way, all of your devices remain synced. Moreover, if you have this application running on more than one device of yours, it will also provide you an option to sync the data and files on both devices. However it is upon your discretion to choose this option.

Automatic backup feature

Information in our phone are getting updated all the time. For example, you might install a new application or might take a lot of pictures after your previous backup. This information will, however, not be included in your previous backup. However, in order to get rid of this issue, this APK provides you a chance to schedule automatic backups. For instance, you can ask the app to back up your phone after every few days. With the help of this feature, your latest information will also be kept secure.

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