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The Runaway Developer game has so much to offer by way of visual and musical treats by starlight and an opportunity to work with little live creatures. Can you guess what? Catching up with the stars and the moon and getting in touching terms with mystical eternity in the rainforest cannot be achieved in an instant. Art imitates what we consider to be the reality of our lives and surroundings. Getting out into the night and coming up close and personal with weird and pretty creatures like butterflies and moths is an experience few of us are acquainted with. A variety of moths as attractive as any butterfly!

Giving up the cozy comforts of the home and the family, let us step out among the trees, the magical flowers and the dancing fireflies. As the rainforest adventure commences, the stars look down and colorful flowers blossom through the environment that looks decorated as if bejewelled with a variety of precious stones in an assortment of bewitching colors.

Download Flutter: Starlight for PC

Download Flutter: Starlight for PC

catter yourself amidst the little glories of splendid nature

Nature? We should be calling it the supernatural! An artistic creation that rivals nature at its best. Besides, everything is based on fact, nothing fictional about it. The moths and the mushrooms, the fireflies, the trees, dandelions and petals, all based on the real circumstances out there. For the bookworms and the stay-at-homes, explore new heights of being.

What will you do out there in Flutter: Starlight on PC?

As you get accustomed to the lavish seemingly weird surroundings by hitching on to some beautified art and music, you would tend to the environment. We already know how important it is to preserve the natural world around us.

Bringing up butterflies through the various stages of their life cycle is the task at hand. We do raise bees for honey, but butterflies? No, never, until this unique experience.

An appreciation for butterflies in startling colors and patterns is born, a love for nature that is fast dying out. Yes, let us care together.

How do butterflies grow? We learned it in school all right, from chrysalis to caterpillar before ending up as a butterfly for precious weeks perhaps…

When you play, you collect a spectrum of flora and fauna to attract butterfly species.

Butterflies need flowers and pollen too, and thus the rainforest welfare is cared for gloriously.

Now we realize how important that rainforest really is in terms of our own survival… these little butterflies represent our own fates after all.

Get to know the winning features of Flutter: Starlight for PC

  • In a world bursting with audio and video files, listen in and view the spectacular rich rainforest within touching distance on that eye-popping screen ambiance.
  • Ears and eyes through the headphones and the visuals conjure up an amazing immersive world.
  • Plant a variety of flowers that would attract exotic butterfly  species and create a Flutterpedia bonanza.
  • Create sets of butterflies!
  • Like rearing pets, a universal passion, raise and nourish butterfly species true to life.
  • Visuals are a treat to put you in a somnolent trance as you gyrate towards states of mind surrealistic in thought.
  • Know the butterflies that share your planet, their features and qualities.
  • Become a keeper and a guide to butterflies as you witness their amazing antics as they fly and zoom, hover and play.
  • Do you fancy feeding caterpillars and working with chrysalises, and communicating via signs?
  • Get deeper into the nature ethos and participate in the wild or we are moving towards oblivion.

The first impression matters so much

It is known as the language of the heart. As you commence your action with Flutter: Starlight on PC, you have entered a different state of mind and a separate world of rich fantasy. Butterflies do not haunt the twilight world, but moths do in plenty and you have an assortment of them, all true to life and based on real moth patterns too. Meanwhile, the colors and the graphics, the music and the natural elements get deep into your very being. Bliss is the word that appropriately describes the emotion as you enter a nether cushion of feeling amidst the starlight as you prepare for an encounter with the little fluttering beings.

Rather than being a passive observer, you get an opportunity to create an environment. Get to plant mushrooms in all their bioluminescence and remember phenomena you witnessed in nature channels on television. Perhaps you had real experiences of a similar kind during treks and camps with school friends. It is no dark and dangerous forest either and your way is lit up by magical fireflies. Look at all those mysterious flowers that provide mesmerizing hues to liven up nature around you.

A rainforest of a lifetime

Art is greater than reality, we often declare and here is something out of the world. Photographic film presents reality, but art is something infinitely greater. Art represents life with heightened feeling, color and contrasts, an image of life as we visualize it and wish it to be. Thus, the rainforest out here is a mightier creation than the real forest out in the wilderness. For a moment that stretches into perpetuity, you remain rooted to the chair, lost in imagination as memories descend. Yet there is lots to do and you would be getting down to action soon.

Learn a few names

What a wonderful idea to be amongst fairy tale creatures like butterflies and moths! Who could have imagined such a game. We do see butterflies flit around the garden flowers and moths flutter in the dark. We did associate them with a world quite different from ours. We did care for and bring up birds, cats and dogs, and even aquarium fish but butterflies – never. Now you get a chance to do what you could never imagine doing.

Since the player is on a collector’s quest, get to know them. You have heard romantic stories, of course, of biologists who trekked far into the wilderness to face all kinds of hazards to discover and collect butterfly species. Maybe the game has kindled such a passion for the wild in you too.

The Tau Emperor is really cool with its spots and shades of brown. Quite amazingly colorful is the Spanish Moon Moth unless you fell for the Staudinger’s Long Tail or the Luna Moth. Less colorful and smaller, maybe, but very alluring too are the Olive Crescent, Dognin’s Satin and the Common Australian Aenetus. The Pink-Striped Oakworm Moth is superb in color and effect. The Rosy Maple Moth and the Crimson Speckled Footmen are dainty little creatures that you would love at first sight. Don’t forget that they are not the creations of an artist’s brush or software wizardry. They really do exist out there in the rainforest.

Flutter: Starlight for PC will get you going!

Couch potatoes almost all of us have learned to be. Now is the time to delve into the world of a rich imagination, learn some unique  lessons and apply them to life situations.

You have an incubator for hatching eggs and you need to attract the eggs according to the moon phase. Incubation hardly takes long but the Glowbucks that you earn would speed it all up. Next comes the growing up phase when you need to feed them leaves and nourish them into cocoons. Wonderful surprises wait and they occur in every corner. Glowing when ready to emerge from the cocoon, you tap to get them free. Coins are coming your way soon afterwards.

Thus continues a collection of species in your private rainforest patch as big as the screen that presents thousands of miles of virgin unexplored forest. You should be able to examine your collection whenever you choose. The little world is so very flimsy, but so intricately charming and overflowing with the fun factor.

Some interesting characters come your way

Have you heard of Michelle? The mission owl that spells mystery, Michelle helps in the forest and knows several missions for moths to accomplish. The secret is that she will reveal herself only when you get to a Flutterpedia score of 400.

The Yanada event and the Silver-Line moth are outstanding too. The Silver-Line Moth bears the Latin name ‘mirabilis’ that means something wonderful. Yanada is a term that you will get to know in good time.  

A final word about wisps

We did highlight some eerie aspects of nature’s bounty, though there is nothing alarming in our super rainforest adventure. The ethereal Wisp Mother comes awake as you launch into action near the incubator. She releases wisps when you tap every two hours. Attempt the ‘try capture’ and if successful you receive an event flower. Glowbucks would also help in the capture process. As you get along, wisps of various colors stand for flower types. Get enough wisps and create a flower to beget an egg that gets into the incubator. And so the process continues as it really exists out there in the glorious world of nature. After hatching, you have a caterpillar that gets fed and the chrysalis reveals a new species! The fun never ends.

How to Download Flutter: Starlight for PC:

Step 1: Download the android emulator software Andy and it is available for free. Click here to download: Download

Step 2: Start the installation of Andy by clicking on the installer file you downloaded.

Step 3: When the software is ready to be used, start it and complete the sign up procedure and login with Google Play account.

Step 4: Start Google play store app and use its search tool to search Flutter: Starlight download.

Step 5: Find Flutter: Starlight and start the installation.

Step 6: Launch the game and you can now play Flutter: Starlight on pc using a mouse or your keyboard and even your touch screen, you can use the control button to emulate the pinch function to zoom in and out.

Step 7: You can also install remote control app form here for remotely accessing the game: Andy remote control app

Support: we maintain an online real-time Facebook support group if you have any issues with Andy OS to the installation process, You can use this link to access the group: support


Enjoy Playing Flutter: Starlight on PC!!!


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