Download Firefox APK Android

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Are you in search of a good browser for your Android phone, which is fast as well as reliable? Then meet the best Android browser which will enable you to browse the whole web in a matter of seconds without having to wait for anything in between. Yes, Firefox Android APK is one of the oldest and most widely used browsers all over the world. With over hundreds of millions of users spanning the whole world, this app has made its way to become of the best browsers out there. The amazing customization features provide you a better control over your browsing and allows you to set up features which you like. No one like to have a browser with a stiff interface. This is the reason why Firefox stresses on the need to provide greater liberty to the user so that they can proudly call this application their own! Let us explore the fantabulous features and settings which this APK offers to provide a greater liberty and ever-lasting experience to its users.

Download Firefox APK Android

Fast browsing

Do not we all want a browser that could be used to browse the interest as fast as possible? Surely, Firefox Android APK keeps this wish of ours into consideration. It provides the best browsing speed which will enable you to search anything over the internet in a matter of seconds. Yes, no you do not have to wait for long in order open a particular web page or search for something important on the internet. The high browsing speed also enables you to download content from the websites at a much faster speed. So if you are ready to experience the amazing speed offered by this browser and get a thrilling experience, then wait no further and install it in your device right away.

Safe browsing

One of the main reasons why people like this Android application is because it is quite safe to use. You do not need to worry about your information being stolen or lost by an unauthorized person as long as you are making use of this browser to access the internet. This is because this app takes a considerable amount of security measures and provides a lot of security options because it understands the significance of keeping your information safe. There are extensive security settings from which you can choose the ones relevant to you. For example, there are some special add-ons such as “Do not track” which make sure that your information is not tracked by anyone over the internet. So have a look at the list of add-ons available to you for this purpose and enjoy the safe browsing with this amazing application.

Customize home panels

You can customize the panels which appear on your home screen. In Firefox, the home screen is not set to some webpage. Instead, the home screen comprises of a number of tabs with links to various websites. You can customize these tabs and add the web pages which you visit the most. This will surely save you a lot of trouble which you will have to go through by typing in the name of the website and then visit it. Instead, you can simply click the tab on your home screen and you will be taken to the page. What else would one want?

Sync your devices

This APK provides you a chance to synchronize the information on all of your devices. All you need to do is to log into your account in all of your devices in which you have this app, and your information will be automatically synchronized. This means that all of the changes which you make on one device will be effective on other devices as well. This will save you the trouble of customizing every single application of your individually. In addition to that, other information such as your bookmarks, passwords, history etc. will also be synced between all devices.

Install add-ons

You will be glad to witness the huge variety of add-ons which are available to you in this application. There are add-ons for everything you need. For example, you can install an Ad-blocker in order to block the Ads in this application. If you are intrigued by these features, then download this APK and install the app on your device right now.

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